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Need advice ladies!


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Ok, here it goes...

Unfortunately I am a smoker, a bad one stinking of cigarettes..
I tried quitting in March, managed to stay quit for 2.5 months, I was very careful not to pt on weight and I didn't but the struggle in both counts overwhelmed me and slowly went back to smoking..
Then I decided to solve my first issue, weight and then quit..

My plan was getting to goal and then while still on cruise giving it another go.. Which was a good plan, right?

I now am comfortable in this weight range and not struggling in the diet any more.. I started thinking about doing it nowadays, but I really don't want to mess this up or fail quitting again..

I don't mind the weight loss slowing down at all..

What do you think? Is it stupid to try now?
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In no expert but if it was me I would wait til you've finished conso. That way if u do find yourself snacking more your new weight is already well established and not likely to shoot back up anytime u way something naughty. I'm a smoker too but had pretty much given up due to my boyfriend hating it and calling me a scumbag everytime I light up but I've taken it up while dieting as there's no way I could give up food alcohol and fags all at the same time!
Personally - I would wait until you finish conso.
One step at a time.

In the meantime, do you think you could switch some of your nicotine intake to gum, patches or electronic cigarettes rather than go cold turkey?
I don't think it's ever the wrong time to give up. I gave up six years ago Elida and at the time I remember being totally freaked out about potential weight gain but actually that only happens if you turn to something bad to replace the cigarettes. When I gave up I turned to coffee and picking at grapes/raisins. Now, I know we can't have raisins on this but you could have pieces of cooked chicken around or if it's a PV day maybe some veggies to pick at!
Best of luck with it, it's tough but it is THE best thing you can do for your health and your looks!!! x


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Jade, I thought with the carb options after conso I will be too lost and ruin all.. Worst case scenario is putting all the weight lost back on and going back to smoking which is a huge risk! The reason I wanted to do it on cruise after reaching the true weight was even if I overeat, I will be eating the right stuff.. But I am not sure when i have carbs in my system, I will be this comfortable..

Atropos, I wish I had the courage/willpower/whatever it takes to quit cold turkey.. I managed to quit with Champix back then and planning to go back on it.. I don't like putting nicotine in my system when trying to get rid of it, just lengthens the suffering..

Wkd, well done! I wish to say the same one day! Thanks for your encouraging words.. :)
If u have the will power to snack on dukan friendly foods instead of junk then go for it! We can't really overreat on this diet as long as we eat the right things :)


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Jade, forgot to mention, alcohol is a big trigger when smoking, so I have to avoid it anyway;) If I quit after conso it will mean another few months without wine, I am not sure I can handle it:)
I quit smoking in 2005 and haven't ever looked back. I think your first port of call should be to your GP and get the help that you need, be it nicotine replacement or something else. There's enough on the market that you shouldn't have to go cold turkey. And with the right support from your GP and willing on your part I really think that you can do this - the benefits would be fabulous :)
I quit cold turkey 14 months ago and put on a kilo. I prepared myself for it by setting a date ( my 40th) and thinking why I wanted to stop after 17 years. Then, on my birthday we left very early on a trip to France for a week. Changing the scenery was essential. I had no "memories" of smoking in the rented house. I never ate to replace the cigarrettes. Every now and then I smoke a cigarette from friends and that's ok.
I also had help from a homeopath. Try repeating to yourself many many times a day why you want to stop.
I overdosed on nicotine ( 3 very stressful days smoking close to 3 packs a day when I was only normally smoking 10 cigarettes if at that ).
I could not smoke or smell a cigarette for close to 3 weeks after that it was determination. I finally caved in one day and when I inhaled it burned my lungs so much I put it out straight away.
The difficult part was after eating and going out for a drink.
I guess that was 18 yrs ago but every blue moon the craving creeps in again... I just put it out of my mind.

I did not gain any weight though... so I did not have that to cope with.
Wow, you guys inspire me! I really want to give it a go now.. :rolleyes:
I will start taking Champix and see how I feel, I have to take the pills for at least a week before quitting anyway..
Wish me luck guys..
Good luck! You can definitely do it and you'll feel so much better for it :) Plus you have us here to rant at if you need it!
Good luck Elida, you can absolutely do it! x
Good Luck... it feels amazing after you stop smoking!
Best of luck elida! Buy some nice shampoo and enjoy you hair smelling lovely after two whole days!!!!!

Best of luck with quitting, i need to stop smoking too, but am early on in the diet.

Not a very PC thing to say i know, but it is a hunger suppressant for me at the moment.
It is what it is Delilah, no need to be PC around here, a lot of smokers/ ex smokers on these boards I think and we all understand how hard it is! x
I know it will be hard, but I will try.. Started taking the pills today, quit date should be between 16th to 22nd.. :)
I know when I quit I will be more hungry, but what I understand from the other thread is I have to eat more, I will try to eat more protein.. I am planning to go for ice cubes when I crave cigarettes.. :)
The priority will be quitting nowadays, so I don't mind stalling for a while.. But I hope I will still be losing, just slower:)
Elida, I would set a specific date if I were you. I would also write a list of reasons why you want to quit. I think that will help.

Ah, just remembered something.... I took up cross stitching when I quit! It kept my hands and mind busy!

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