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Need advice...

So I finally have an occasion that requires a nice dress! We've been invited to a surprise 50th for hubby's boss which is at a nice hotel. Now I don't normally do dresses, and my legs are not my best feature, but I don't want to wear trousers this time. It's not till October so I should have had plenty of time to be nearly at goal, but I was still thinking of ordering a 12 as the 10 required me to still lose an awful lot of inches and I really don't know if I can lose another 5 inches off my bust, 6 from my waist and 5 from my hips in that time. There's 2 dresses that I like. One is a lot more expensive than the other. Which do you like best?

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mmm not sure really like them both but I think the second one is definatly got a bit of class about it and will show of your figure more.. plus if your still a bit concious of your legs then its that tiny bit longer.


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Hard choice as they are both lovely dresses but I'd go with the second dress.

Laura Croft

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They are both really pretty so I think it depends on your shape. The first one flares out quite high up almost baby doll dressish which would make me look pregnant. The second one is really going to accentuate your hips. It also elongates your top half.
Well they're both from catalogues so I get free delivery and free returns so I've got nothing to lose by ordering both! The second one is more than double the cost of the first one, but I would get 20% off which makes it slightly cheaper. I must admit I prefer the second one ever so slightly because it would show off the better parts of me while hiding my legs a bit more.


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They're both lovely but I think number 2 is more of a 'look at my fantastic figure' dress!

I used to wear dresses similar to number 1 when I was bigger to hide the lumps and bumps so I vote for number 2!!

Annie 100

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I like them both but Number 2 has a little something special about it, but, I'm not sure how tall you are, it looks like it needs you to be quite tall or be able to stand in killer heels! Mind you, if you can try them both on, it's a win win situation!


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I love the 1st one.
They are both sassy and great for dancing. It'll be useful to get the feel of the material when you try them, that should swing it. You want to feel the quality and see the hang. For free delivery, order them in your size now just to help you decide. Send them back because they are too big and order them in 10/12.
Good luck.


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The 1st one definately...the 2nd one looks abit busy to me.


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Love them both - you'll look stunning in either! I think no. 2 just pips the other to the post.......it looks like it is the more expensive one too:)
They are both lovely hon! Why dont you order them both and see which one suits you better!
Take a pic of you in them and we can help you choose x
I think I will order them both. I'll need to order them in the size I am now and also the size I expect to be so that I can see what they look like.


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I like the first one better
No.2 is more dressy dressy, and will show your new sexy body off:)

Life saver- worth investing in is a full cover pair of spanx from your chest down past your thighs.. pulls everything UP and IN!

Just make sure(from experience) You bring a pair of sexy undies in your bag..or quick change once you get home.. so not to frighten your o/h- believe me.. wondering hands.. he though i was wearing cycling shorts under my dress.:D

I wish i knew what size im going to be too.. ive never been smaller than a 16 so i have no idea what my ody is capable of:) x

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