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Need advice.

I have an apt with my Dr next week. I want to be prescribed Xenical but don't know how to ask. My bmi is in the 30s.

I was made redundant and have been depressed about the lack of work offers and piling on a lot of IBs over the last year. Would the Dr go against prescribing me xenical if I admit to being 'down' over the last some months?

I'm not sure what to say to the DR. Do I say I 'want to be prescribed xenical'.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Dont know if this helps, but i totally worked myself up before going in thinking i was going to have to beg for Xenical, but all i did was ask for it, get weighed and had a quick chat about side effects etc before i was prescribed it. It was really easy actually

If you are in the weight range, you should be ok i think :)

take care n good luck

Just ask, it's cheaper for them to prescribe it to you than to treat you for obesity related problems in years to come. Sorry if that sounds harsh. I think we all feel down about our weight when we have it to lose, there's nothing unusual there. Your doctor may ask you to lose some weight yourself before s/he will prescribe Xenical, just to prove you are serious about weight loss to start with. Good luck,

Linzois and KittyBling, Thank you for your replies. I am feeling much better after reading them.

I will just go in and ask and hope the Dr is easy with me.

Thank you again.
When I first went I said that I wanted to lose weight as I was concerned about the health risks of being overweight, and that I had looked into Xenical and wondered whether he would be prepared to prescribe it to me. He said yes with no hesitation.

That was last year and I stopped them when I went on holiday and never went back on them, I lost and kept off a stone so this time (different doctor) I said that I'd like to go on them again as I knew I had more weight to lose, again she said yes straight away.

The government have obesity down as a target as it costs the NHS so much money, I think any doctor that isn't interested in helping patients lose weight would be in trouble.

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