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Need advice

Hey everyone, i had an account here late 2006 but it looks like my account was deleted :( probs for not logging in for a while.

This is my second day of SS and i've woke up feeling awful i'm feeling dizzy and lightheaded, when i stood up i felt like my forehead was getting sweaty. I'm also feeling hungry sick :9529:
My fingers feel freezing too and i'm feeling so sleepy. i've just got no energy :sigh:

I did SS a few years ago and i don't remember feeling like this.

Should i just carry on?
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Now Maintaining :)
Yes, do carry on. The first few days can be very hard on SS and many experience the side effects you are experiencing. Once you get into ketosis it will get much easier. Just keep drinking at least 2.5 litres of water a day and stay strong. It will be worth it. :)
I agree with 16to10. I spent most of 2nd day in bed! Keep going and keep drinking, it will get better.


hoping for a good loss
hugs sweetie, the first few days are hell, but it is so worth it
Thank you for the replies, i feel a little bit better had a tiny bit of semi skimmed in a cup of tea and i feel a little better :) can't believe i've cheated a little though. I doubt it will make a difference though because it was only a teeny bit, well hopefully lol.

Can't remember it being this hard last time :( i wish i could stay in bed but i have got a 3 month old to look after lol


hoping for a good loss
no wonder you are knackered if you have a 3 month old to look after as well. This diet is hard enough when we just have ourselves to look after.

I have found that second time around is so much harder for me too

Charlie x

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