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Need Advice!

S: 19st9lb
Hi all you skinnys in the making!
I'm desperate here, I had a baby 6 weeks ago and want to lose weight asap. i was in the chemist today and got the dvd, I've done LT before and lost 8stone but due to going back to my old ways and pregnancy, I've regained a lot.I'm all set to get started but I've one problem, my friends booked us in for a night in a spa/hotel, food included, Saturday after next. Should I get started tomorrow and come off for one day and stick to protein or should I stick to it on my night away -though my friends booked it as a surprise so paid for the meal etc?? Any advice is much welcome :) x
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S: 17st13lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 3st13lb(21.91%)
I've been on TFR for 70 odd days now. I've 4 stone off.

I would hold on until after the meal, have it as your last supper and then go straight into it on Monday morning.

I had a work meal on this. But I was 5 weeks in and wasn't gonna break it so just sat there having my flapjacks.

Your lucky in that your not in yet.
Hey Hun!!
Congratulations on the baby!

You have done this AMAZINGLY well before and you dont need advice!

S: 19st9lb
Oh my God Daisybank its you! Great to see a familiar name, how are you? Are you Lipotrimming again? I'm excited and nervous about starting x
I'm ok thanks. Let's just say I'm not the best advert for LT! I'm sure you will be fine. You were so good at it before. Much luck to you xxx
S: 19st9lb
Neither am I Daisy but hoping I can learn from my mistakes. My life has changed soooo much since LT and I think a lot of them are actually down to having lost all the weight before, so I'm pretty determined! How long are you back on it?x
Day four today. But I have even more to lose this time as I don't learn from my mistakes. I am ok so far but have wavered between determination and •••• it I am what I am! The second is a good philosophy for a while and if I lived in a cave would be fine. However having to go out, wear clothes etc reenforces the fact that I am more overweight than most. I am now telling myself this is my fault and I made myself this way. We will see!

What have you been up to then?

S: 19st9lb
Funny you saying about wearing clothes etc cos I had to pull something on to go down and pay the landlord just now and trying to find something even half decent killed me inside cos I look my size in e everything, there's no hiding it. I'm also more overweight than most, I so envy people on here who are like ugh I'm 12st really wanna be 9 etc but every body is built differently I suppose. Well since LT 2008 we'll call it :) I met the guy I now live with and love, we knew each other as teens and had the odd kiss, but we met again after years and that was it, 7 weeks ago today we had a beautiful baby girl! My mam died when she was just 11days old which fu*cked me up terribly but I need to pick myself back uo, and my weight is something that gets me so down too so must tackle that asap! How about you? Sorry for the ling ramble!x
I am sorry to hear about your mum, that must be really hard to cope with. You must miss her :(

Congrats on your baby! .
Hard work I bet! You will be able to do LT fine like I said you have done it before and you will do it again, its just willpower. I think I will always struggle with weight, I look in the mirror and think yuk, ugly AND fat. Still thats the way it is.

You will be fine and slim by xmas!

S: 19st9lb
Aw I can barely look in the mirror anymore, I actually miss my big bump cos then at least I was pregnant not just fat! Well I'm feeling really really motivated now and actually can't wait to get started! I know I will always struggle with weight but I'm determined to join ww to lose my last couple of dtone as I love the program and know it works but with so much to lose it just wouldn't keep me motivated.x
S: 19st9lb
Starting not this Monday but the following one because of the spa weekend my friends booked me next weekend, I thought about doing it until then but they've paid and it includes meals etc. It's only one night but I really want to start 100%. How are you finding it? I kinda have rose tinted glasses on about it cos I'm so excited to lose the weight so will probably get a shock when I start!
Think it's a good idea to wait till after your spa weekend. Sounds fab!

Must admit it's not easy. The first time was the best. I found it really hard to restart. I know from the past that if I can get to about ten days I find it relatively easy. BUT getting to day ten has proved really hard. I have started this so many times. Seems crazy when you say it like that as others would say what's the problem, only a few days etc. I am currently on day five. We will see

S: 19st9lb
I've re-started countless times but rarely made it to week 2, like you I found the first time breezy I seemed to sail through it! I've a lot of support and a different lifestyle this time around, also I'm doing it from scratch with the pharmacy rather than using old shakes and having nobody to answer to so hopefully hopefully that'll make a difference! Day 5 is great, ketosis should be along very soon :) x

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