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need help with armpit and shaving!!!! please read


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i am quite a dark haired person and i normally shave armpit once every 2 days i have stubble abfter one day !!!!, recently its been making my armpits sore, thought about waxing but peeps at work say u need 5 week hair to wax, i got on hols in 6 weeks and dont wanna spend time till then in t shirt,,,,
help some one what do u all do?
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you can buy wax in boots suitable for short hair.. so you dont have to wait until its "fully grown" to wax it..

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oooo do i have to do it myself??? im a wuss.


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haha.. me too..

I would ring up the place you plan to go to.. and just tell them you were wondering about getting waxed under your arms.. and how long would they reccomend you wait.. cos it might turn out they can wax before 5 weeks.. Chances are they probably would..

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Kitteh, is that you in your aatar? Look at the shape of those cheekbones!


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i tried veet on my legs and didnt pull many hairs out...... sobsob,
Eeeeek, I could no way wax my arm pits myself! I agree with Kitteh - ring up the waxers, because if your hair grows quickly you might be able to do it with only 2 weeks growth....


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There was another thread where this was mentioned and someone said it's really sore to wax the pits and makes the skin all red. I personally wouldn't as the skin is very sensitive. You'd be better off going to a salon as they know what they are doing
You could try an epilator as it will have longer lasting results than shaving, but you won't have to wait as long in between as you would with waxing.
I just take some ibuprofen before I do it (it might be psychological but it seems to help :D)
Good luck :D


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GOD ARMPITS!!! I have everything on the planet waxed, legs, bikini and more etc. I had my armpits done and honestly it was the worst pain i have ever felt and there were remanent hairs as well. I would suggest veet.....or shaving in one direction only and moisturising. I have the same problem as you. WHy cant i have armpits like the ones on the telly.

Taz x


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WHy cant i have armpits like the ones on the telly.
They have many people to remove hairs and to arrange to have them airbrushed.

I also have very dark hair... I think, I haven't seen it, on my head (baring eyebrows), since I was 10. My skin is very pale so hairs show even more. I can only last for more than 1 day when I wax... but I am also a coward... when I do wax I make sure that it is the putty like stuff, I cant stand the strips. I have had that done with 1 weeks growth in the past. I think I may try a DIY job soon as I feel very self-conscious when I go to a salon.


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Underarms are very difficult to wax yourself and i would recommend going to a salon. The hair needs to be about 0.5cm long so some will need days rather than weeks to grow. Waxing, after a while , causes less hair to grow and that what grows back is finer. Ive never found removal creams work under the arms. Go for the waxing I say.


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well im going to a posh ball at weekend so not shaving till 5pm getting in limo at 7 pm
im half afraid to get underarm waxed- read a thing in heat about in grown hairs being more likely to happen in that area-but get a professional to it. It will be over in a flash instead of u hovering around in the bathroom , with strips stuck to u and u petrified to pull them off !!!


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Im dark haired and shave every other day too. I dont get sore maybe because I use Dove soap and Dove deoderant so they are moisturising?

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