need help with working out syns


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I am trying to work out the syns using the calculator for the following

Trader Joes Multigrain Pilaf

It is basically a mixture of wholegrains, soyabeans and vegetables with herbs and spices in a microwave pouch.

The ingredients are as follows:

water, tomato, onion, pearl millet, cracket wheat, soybeans, millet, sunflower oil, garlic, salt, turmeric, chilies and spices.

which item would you select as a free food?

the pearl millet is about the same content as the soybeans looking at the packet, however there is no option for pearl millet (but it is a grain, not the same as pearl barley). Although I assume water, tomato and onion are in greater quantity.

when I select soybeans as a free food, it comes up as free for the pouch, but I am not sure I trust this.

Any suggestions?
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Is okay have sorted it, they did have millet under grains, no idea how I missed it the first time, so select millet and tomatoes and it comes up as 1.5 syns for half a pack, which I think it more trusting.