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I will appologise now for this rant, bare with me, I want to start by saying Aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have really struggled today ( day2 ss), i have felt starving all day, really bad hunger pangs, i have drunk plenty of water plus lots of week black coffee. So I settled down on the sofa after a full day of cleaning and rearanging bedrooms ( anything to take my mind off of food), so there i am resting and feeling quite pleased with myself, nearly another day over, when my OH anounces that he is going to fish shop, Not what you want to hear when you are STARVING!!!!! So he comes back with a fish butty plus a cake butty and then said he thought he would treat himself to a big chocolate bar and a flap jack...... and he sat and ate the lot in front of me. It has made me feel quite depressed, but i know why i am doing this and in the long run this misery will be worth it!!! so instead of turning to the fridge i thought i would come and have a rant on here, thanks to anyone that is listening, but motivation is greatly needed right now. So i have been for a bath and am sat with my water....... i do kind of feel good that i didn't give in but i feel soooooooooo hungry right now, it may be time to call it a day and go to bed!
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Mandy - I am so sorry honey. I told DH not to bring stuff like that home. If DH does it again you need to disapear off to your bedroom out of his way. :( HUGS


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Hi Mandy,

Well done on getting to day 2 and especially for being so strong in the face of all that temptation which goes to show how determined you are do this.

Just another day or two and you should be in ketosis which will make this diet so much easier to do.

We have an arcade here which can help to take your mind off food along with reading posts...

You are doing great so give yourself a pat on the back as you deserve it:patback:


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This will probably happen more than once babe! lol!!! good for you tho not giving in!! Thats an accomplishment in itself!! Well done you!!
I come in from work and my dads got curry or maccy ds or something yummy and i have to sit there n watch or i go out for a walk!! The whole walking thing is definitely a yes yes....and make sure u tell them u dont want to see or smell anything to do with what theyve just eaten when u get back haha!! The first 3 days is the worst i reckon but once ur past that itll be a breeze with a few weak days....but dont worry coz everything ur doing is for yourself so just keep telling urself that!! Orrr another thing i do is i txt my mate when i feel hungry and she reminds me of how hot id look in a bikini on the beach and imagine all the hot men i can take my pick of hahahahaha!! Brilliant i love her she has been my backbone in all this!! :) keep it up tho hun coz ur doing well x x x

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