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  1. natosha120

    natosha120 Full Member

    I was curious ok I know calories is not the issue but please help me.

    Is there anything wrong with eating the allowd but not the very portions I don't stand much to enjoy ... Mainly been eating

    chicken thighs skin removed bone removed... roasted in oven on a rack so drips off the fat

    egg whites been doing egg whites taking from large eggs
    pork loin not super lean but is about the 10% area of fat do to the posibilty how I roast it down as well.

    So a day would be
    breakfast- 2 sliced pork chops about 1inch thick and almost palm size round roasted under broiler
    3 egg whites scramble on side

    lunch - two chicken thighs roasted and 3 egg whites

    dinner- 2 thighs chicken and pork loin chop one roasted and egg whites 3-4

    is this ok or am I eating too much .. I am starting again since past was doing more high fat and started to stall and gain 3lbs lost and now seem yesterday when started my weight is still same even tho I was starving making my food calories alot less so I lose but maybe thats where I went wrong

    I need to drop 5lbs total and I need to fix this before I get discouraged cause I seem to just fear maybe its calories and I need to feel hungry...

    What do you think?
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  3. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    As you so rightly say, calories are not the issue. How much do you weigh now? That's a crucial factor in determining how much you could/should be eating... I don't see oatbran in your menu. This is recommended for oh so many reasons... You say you need to drop 5lbs total... is that it? I mean, are you that close to your target weight? Are you eating veg every other day?

    I'd love to help but there are too many queries to be able to respond off the cuff like that...
  4. natosha120

    natosha120 Full Member

    ok I cleaned things up hope this make sense..

    Today going to make it my start date, since I refigured things out on what I would be best eating, but still unsure.

    ok hoping this works

    breakfast- had few slices pork loin trimmed all fat boiled to remove more if possible and keep moist
    served 4 egg whites on side and diet cola caffeine free soda stream made.

    was bit light so for lunch ate more

    at lunch roasted and trimmed two skin bone removed thighs leaving very small meat amount so added
    few more pork loin slices lean of course boiled and 4 egg whites
    side drink had a homemade shake= diet cocoa swiss miss sugar free no fat at all uses nonfat milk
    so for 25 calories, 0fat 0 sugar and 4 carbs with near 1 being fiber took that blended it with ice cubes cold water, splenad coffee flavor caffein sweetner 0cals and pinch coffee ground medium dark. blend and yummy frothy drink

    dinner figure prob do same as lunch..

    Is this ok and allowed also can I buy things like

    cottage cheese 1-0% fat
    non fat cream cheese
    hot sauce
    herbs/spices ( garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, basil etc.
    and snapple diet tea
    as well as tea and using splenda
    soy milk non fat brand should I watch carbs as well in those brands ? breakfast lean.jpg IMG_20140304_1157321.jpg
  5. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    The oat bran is still not there and it is a crucial part of the diet
  6. natosha120

    natosha120 Full Member

    I sortof have bad well diahrea so its not problem in the going department .. if thats the reason but food wise is ok
  7. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    What do you do with the egg wipes. I'm not hundred percent sure if the oat bran is just for toilet. Does nt the book say?
  8. natosha120

    natosha120 Full Member

    Scramble them on side or as pure white flat pancake use as wrap stuffed with meat or top sugarfree low cal syrup n cinnamon pure Protein lol
  9. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    and your current weight?

    As Vicky so wisely says, I really think you need to buy the book... it would give you so much more knowledge to be able to relax and enjoy this diet. Oatbran is in there for many reasons I don't have time to type up. The book costs about £5...

    Take care
  10. natosha120

    natosha120 Full Member

    I guess i was jumping to feear since make me unsure if its good or not, but this one is different..
    y body well i digest well with out oatbran and seem to lose everytime not sure why i get scared going back on this plan.. Just guess wanted flavor this time cause norm I aavoid salt andven tho my salt was high and having more carbs from flavored drinks and creatings I actually weight is improving well and no more water gain seems when I have fatI gain water weight but when lean i dro it fast and never had issue with going to the bathroom just when with't go why I don't want to use the bran cause it blocks me up and causes me to get constipated and feel ill same with fruits and veggies why i can't eat alot things with carbs and fiber

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