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need motivation and will power

C: 11st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3
Make sure you are eating plenty of free food so you don't get hungry

You can do it you just have to believe in yourself

I have an alpen light (1/2 heb) and some fruit or yogurt planned for that tough mid afternoon time



rainbows holiday buddy :)
how about having slow release energy meals like jacket potato with beans and salad? ...then you won't crave sugar as your blood sugar levels will remain steady until your next meal.

have loads of free foods around you. for example if a yogurt doesn't satisfy you make a huge fruit salad and pour the yogurt over it and eat it like that.


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I was experiencing this too, so every night before i go to bed i make up a sugarfree jelly. Then when i crave something sweet i have some until it takes away the sugar craving. Yes most days i eat a whole sugarfree jelly but it stops me tucking into the biscuit tin or the chocolate drawer. Hope this helps.
I have been feeling exactly the same. Before Christmas I followed the plan well and lost a stone in 5 months. But since Christmas I have struggled and have not quite been able to keep to plan even for 1 day, putting 2lb on losing 2lb etc etc! But on Friday, I thought, enough is enough and decided that unless I want to put all the weight back on that I needed to put the last few weeks behind me and start again.

I looked through my books and planned the week with lots of new things to eat. I too have a very sweet tooth, which has been my downfall so I also decided to choose several desserts from the little recipe book that came with the Jan issue of the slimming world mag to help me and went and did my Asda weekly shop before and got all the ingredients.

Anyway I've just had a roast dinner consisting of a Quorn lamb style grill, roasties made with frylight and loads of veg and afterwards the chocolate orange trifle dessert I made from the recipe book and it was delicious and only 1 syn! I feel really good (and full) and feel I am back on track for a good week. Def recommend the recipes. This week I am also making strawberry ice cream and chocolate souffles mmm! Good luck x x
i get a sugar hit out of grapes (have them really cold) have the whole packet if desperate


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Have you tried eating little and often? I often struggle mid afternoon if I have too much to eat at lunchtime, much better if I have a smaller portion and then a decent snack around 3pm.


Wishing and hoping!
You are doing well to highlight the problem and working out solutations to deal with it. I would suggest having food which is free and readily available because it also might be a ritual that you think will happen now every 3pm - take control and it will subside :)


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I went out for some Mini Milks this weekend and they took my sweet cravings away :)
Also good to keep a bowl of fruit close by or some Alpen Lights (HEB) just incase you feel like picking on something.
It was really difficult for me coming out from the Xmas break and going back on plan, but seeing the numbers on the scales go down, fitting into my clothes (2 sizes smaller than when I started), having great energy boosts is keeping my motivation going.


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G: 10st10lb
I am with Meli completely on this!! It is difficult sometimes- Chrimbo was my first stumbling block- but once I'd pulled myself together and got a grip of myself there was no stopping me!! I bought some Minimilks too and also some CurlyWurlys!! I fill up with all sorts of different things during the day, try new recipes (from the cookbooks, SW mag, and Minimins) to keep it exciting and varied and more importantly keep feeling full! I try to have hardly any syns during the day and reward myself in the evening(which I know is my danger zone) with a Curly Wurly (6 syns) or a Minimilk (1.5 syns), depending what syns I've used in cooking! X

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