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Need some advice about being off Cambridge?


is back on it...

I was ill all last week with a throat infection general crapness... and now have a chest infection just as the one cleared up... :(

So anyway.. couldnt get out of bed to be weighed last Tuesday, and as i felt so rubbish thought i should probably up the plan or come off until im 100% again and my immune system is working, (which it still isnt :( )

Anyway, managed to stay pretty even last week with a good loss until this weekend where yesterday i ate a huge roast dinner... and think for me this was me knocking out of ketosis.. i have mananged to avoid carbs last week.. mainly due to me being in bed for most of it.

So today i am adiment that i am going to stick to 1000 cals a day and up my exercise with the added energy that i will be taking in...

..my question to the maintainers or CDC is will me jumping from ss+ to 1000 mean that i will gain rapidly?.. or should it all even its self out?... have downloaded a recommended calorie counting programme that KD linked... so i can count every calorie.

Im worried as my cdc lives so far from me and its such a pain getting to her every week, that i also have decided to not include the shakes etc into this... :(

Sorry for the rant... im really scared that this i will mean a huge weight gain and i will undo all my hard work :(

I might come back to Cambridge in the new year.. but for now i need to start eating and exercising.... but do it right....

Any help much appreciated... dont want to lose the support of you all... :( xxx
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I'm having the same thoughts as you - in 2 weeks I'm coming off a TFR diet and moving onto real food without a gradual food introduction plan. I'll be honest with you I'm expecting to put on weight the week I do it - possibly as much as 7lb - the thing to remember is this ISN'T real fat - it's just water with your glyco what not stores filling back up (basically your carb stores) - that first week lose that you get on a TFR diet is your stores emptying and they have to fill back up sometime. People who do the return to meal maintenance programmes as subscribed by their particular diet programme don't get these big gains because the carbs are introduced very slowly and as their carb store is filling up again they are still losing fat so it balances out.

The really important thing is to go into this with your eyes open - you may well put on weight according to the scales - but if psycologically you can live with that and know that counting calories and exercise works and that once your body readjusts to the new routine you'll start losing again you'll be absolutely fine.

Best of luck - let me know how you get on


is back on it...
Thanks for the advice Lou... its so difficult getting it right... everyone says its so important to realise your bad eating habits and get over your eating demons.. and Cambridge has defo done that for me, i will never take food for granted again!... but now i dont want to mess this up.

Im going to start weigh training... not bodybuild or bulk up just try and tone up and build more muscle which then burns more calories... then i am planning on eating the low G.I way. Think this is the key for me... feel fuller for longer and more energy.

Fingers crossed i can tackle this hurdle...



is back on it...
Thanks Shanny... how did you find it coming off and on it again???
Reallyyyyyy easy i think when u go back on CD "you just know the diet works you've seen the proof so mentally u tell yourself to stick with it as the weight will come off".!

You do miss foods though but its all about will power and from your status i think u should take the break.! And go back when your ready."

I STS this week which is good even had nandos choc as a small treat but i now know when to stop.!
Plus wore a real short denim mini skirt with leggings and knee high boots last nite felt wicked lol lol.! i don't need food to make me feel happy wearing these smaller clothes makes me soooo happy now.!
You did say u were going to do the G.I diet before.

You off cd now hun? xx


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Best of luck ClareyMary, I hope it works out for you xx


is back on it...
Thanks ladies... if you ever fancy a chat other than on here my MSN is [email protected]

I just need this break... even now i can already tell i have more energy.. just had a lovely bath and didnt need to lie down for half an hour afterwards due to light headed-ness... scary...

Only option at the min is to come off CD... but feel like im abandoning everyone on here and the support now is what i need the most to maintain/loss a little more...

Such a scary time :(

Just wish i dont look back and think i wasted time having this break....



is back on it...
also well done Jools on your over a stone loss in 2 weeks you are doing so well! :) xx
ClareyMary - you don't need to abandon us here - stay and post! We will all be rooting for you to succeed no matter what diet you are on! - or not on for that matter!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Thanks Clare :) There's no need for you to go anywhere, stay on and get support. Losing weight is much harder to do when there's no-one to talk to about it or to motivate you when you're having a bad day xx

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