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need some advice!

right need some major advice!

It happened last time i did CD so i know it has something to do with it.

Im feeling very "light headed", and when i stand up or get up from lying down my vision goes blurred and black! it takes a good 30secs to come back!

Bit worried lol
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I get lightheaded too when on CD , I find if I drink more water it helps , but your vision going black is not good and 30 seconds to come back .. that is scarey . you need to talk CDC about this as it shouldn't happen . Maybe you need an extra pack a day or do a higher plan
I hope you get this sorted
although tbh i only had two shakes yday because i went bed early so thats probs why! lol and iv got a cold :(
Its a drop in your blood pressure when you stand up and makes you feel light headed. I know its quite common on VLCD I've had it for years without any dieting, you just need to take your time and dont stand up too quickly as that is what causes the drop. I used to get it particularly in the morning times when I used to set the alarm for the very latest time I needed to get up and would jump up the minute the alarm went off now I set the alarm for a few minutes before I need to get up.


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It's how I know I'm in ketosis ha

Just take a bit longer to stand up!

My vision goes black too when it happens ao just remember to give yourself more time to get out of bed etc x


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yeah make sure you have your 3 pks a day even if you force it down becuz it will catch up on you and you will be very hungry and thats when bingeing can happen . Hope you feel better soon !
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Yeah - do make sure you have your 3 packs a day - especially if you have a cold! Your body needs the food to fight your cold.

Drink plenty of water and as the others said - don't stand up too quickly! I get lightheaded too if I get up too quickly.

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