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need some advice

Hi guys, im at that point where i am close to the weight i want to be at but cant quite get to the point of going in to management and starting to reintroduce foods. I have changed my target weight 3 times now and seem to always have an excuse as to not going to the next step. how did you guys make the decision. any advise greatfully recieved
thanks jo
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Not on LL but did CD and I too adjusted my target down several times! I think when we first start out we give ourselves what we believe is a realistic target, as we reach it we realise that we can achieve more and therefore we adjust our expectations and our target. When to move up is a difficult one, I think you will know when you are ready, think about what is stopping you - is it that you still want to lose a little more and are not truly comfortable with your weight or is it perhaps fear of gaining weight or having to be in control of food again.

Hopefully if you figure out what is stopping you that may help you make your decision.

Good luck hun



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Hi Jo
My goal was a pair of size 10 jeans that I bought from Next.
When they fit me I started RTM.

It can be a worry, starting eating again, but the programme is very good and very well thought out. It does make you feel safe eating again.

You should ask your LLC for the books and start reading up to get an idea of what is involved, that really helped me not to worry too much. I made a plan of what I would each day, that helped me feel more in control of what I was eating.

I know everyone I have spoken too so far are really enjoying RTM. I am loving it, and I am still the same weight as I was starting RTM.

Your LLC will guide you through and we are always here to help.
There aren't too many threads in the RTM forum so it might be worth looking through them all.
Hi Jo,
Lighter Life is such a personal journey for everyone, isn't it? I decided that I wanted to have a BMI of 22 about a month into the programme and stuck with that. I made the decision to start RtM because I started to feel weak and wobbly a lot and discovered I had low blood pressure, which the doc said might be caused by the diet. After discussion with my LLC, I decided to start earlier than planned but went on to lose the last few kgs in the first two weeks of RtM.

I found it extremely hard to start eating again and was terrified of gaining, but I really followed the programme absolutely to the letter and that helped me to feel in control of the food rather than the other way around. Like Ali, I do a plan for the week about what I'm going to eat and the times I will eat. If I want to change the plan or the time, I do a mental thought record about why - is it because I'm hungry? Is it because the time I thought I could have lunch isn't actually convenient? Is it a food that's not on the food list? I then use the journal to record all these thoughts as well as the food. This has helped me to make sensible choices about my food and I am now enjoying being an 'eater' again. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be right for you but do talk about this with your LLC, as she knows you best. Hope this ramble has helped in some way!
I am the same as Linze in the fact that i am near my goal now but starting to feel weak, wobbly, light headed etc and am a comfy size 12 so dont want to loose any more really. I have therefore decided to go to RTM and hope that i lose a few more KG to get into the 'healthy weight' in the charts.

I start RTM on sunday and am very nervous about eating again as i havent had anything for 10 months, but know that if i go through management i will have much more of a chance keeping the weight off and learning to deal with food positively rather than if i just stopped and did it on my own.


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For me, well, I set my goal at the start and as I shed the pounds I realised that perhaps the target, which was very low, was unrealistic, especially as I am no spring chicken!!
I changed to a more realistic target, up the way and to be honest I knew I was ready to start the RtM journey.
I was beginning to pick which is not something I did for the first 7 months and my head was almost screaming at me to stop. It was and is the best decision I have made. I am lighter now than I was when I went onto Rtm and I am on week 9 now. I can't say that I have followed it too the book, I haven't but I am honest with myself about what I am doing and I know the consequenses. Such as 3lbs on last week.
Would I like to be slimmer? Yes. But I think that I need to get used to me being a size 8 first and all that entails before I rush into losing any more weight. I am just beginning to see the slim woman I have become when I look in the mirror and that has taken a while.
It is a very nice place to be and I am no longer ruled by food. I am the one in charge, well, most of the time!!!!
That was a really inspiring post SWBT! I hope I manage to stay in such a good place. I put on a little this week for the first time in 7 months. It was really hard but I'm trying to be philosophical and your post has helped a lot!

Deb G

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I had 9 stone in my head and I wasn't stopping till I got there. Now I am 8st4, and desperately trying to get back up to 9 stone!!!! Never thought I'd say THAT!!!

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