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need some encouragement :(

hey all.....
I went A LOT off plan yesterday, it was my birthday party the night before an although i was quite good at sticking to drink syns the wheels came off the cart the day after, one of my friends was insanely drunk and i had to carry her home and look after her, she was acting twisted drunk and it just got to me, i had spent ages making my house nice for my party and it got totally trashed to the extent of one of my widows getting smashed, i was far too depressed to clean so just sat there eating i'd say at least 4000 calories worth of food in bed all day. I'm so worried about weigh in now it's unreal, has anyone ever done something similar and still got a loss? should i not have any syns till weigh in or just start again? thanks
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Hi Lolabee. Try not to fret too much. Sounds like the party was a bit of a disaster so no wonder you felt down yesterday. When is your WI day? The important thing now is to get back on plan so you minimise any damage. It wouldn't do much harm to reduce your syns a bit till WI, but don't go so low that you feel deprived. Still have 5 or so a day I'd say. The same thing happened to me when I fell off the wagon last week (no excuse for me lol), I pulled the syns back a bit and still lost 2lbs, so you never know. You might have given your metabolism a good kick start. Only WI will tell...

Good luck hun!
(BTW what does 'twisted' drunk mean?)
thanks :) it's nice to know others go through the same thing i always feel like the only person that has ever binged when i binge for some reason! twisted is drunk is like when someone who is usually lovely gets so drunk they just curse blindly at everyone under the sun and just act like a totally different person! I weigh in on a wednesday so have two days to reduce the damage! I think i will stick low syn, was going to do no syns but if i feel deprived after a binge it'll just start another one, on the plus all this cleaqning i'll have to do now should burn up the calories! If i can get back into the swing today it won't be as bad especially as i'm not as hungry from all the crisps and cake, funny thing is it actually was a 1/3 superfree binge as i had loads of melon and frozen fruit as well haha ;)
Good god, I would of been exactly the same hun, how stressed out must you of felt! I would just put a line through it, start afresh and is there is a small gain or sts on Wed then so what ... in the long scheme of your weight loss it doesn't matter :) I would eat like normal, don't restrict syns or anything as if you're like me its too easy to just fall back off the wagon by doing that. Hope your window is fixed and everything is OK :)
Lolabee...I always eat loads on hangover day anyway, let alone when you've had drama like that!! Forgive yourself and draw that line, you'll be fine xxx
thanks for all the kind words everyone :) i kept the syns low today (5 so far but may just curl up in bed with a mug of highlights) i cleaned the house somewhat just have to mop the floors and take out the bins, only noticed i load of my expensive mac makeup was nicked too :( the worst is the window though i'll have to get onto the landlord about it asap. I honestly don''t know what was with that night there were people in my house i didn't even know. never again! I have a night out again this weekend but i think it's only to the pub, just wondering is there any good ideas for food i could make beforehand for the sunday incase that urge does come again? i was thinking of making low syn cheesecake and a big slowcooker with a load of superfree veg, it's hard to guess how nights will go so am gonna just prepare for the worst from now on!

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hun, I recently had two gains in two weeks!

I am rubbish at giving and following my own advice, but I do want to say, Don't give up, you can definitely do it. We can definitely do it. xxx
thanks :) sorry to hear about your bad two weeks :( hopefully we will both have a loss this week! Though to be honest i would be happy even with a sts the last thing i want is for a load of rowdy drunks to affect my weightloss!

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