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Need some help please.. :(


is back on it...

Just got my shakes (14 of them) and had my first appointment with my CDC... and as i have lost then regained twice now on Cambridge SS+ i have decided to do the 1000 cal plan as this will give me less choice for my breakfast and lunch... then you have a small meal in the evening.

Im also hoping that this time i will finally get to goal and keep it off... as in the past i found the restrictive eating for so long just makes me want to pig out as soon as i feel and look better about myself :(

But when i had my meeting she told me that on the 1000 plan you dont go into ketosis.... which for me was my saving grace on the SS+... as the 3 days getting into was hell... so never would i cheat and knock myself out of ketosis... so it was my control... this time thou i wont have it... and im worried :(

Should i contact my CDC and get some more shakes and just SS+ for a short while then go up the plans...???...

arghhhh really confused now :(

Really need some advice :(

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Gone fishing
1000 isn't usually ketogenic, but it is low GI, so should help keep you satisfied.

Give it a whirl and see how you get on. If it doesn't work for you, then go on 810, but it's a really good idea to learn how to make it work for you. 810 wont always be appropriate.

Both plans a brill. I have a client that loves 1000 and is losing well on it. She's tried the other plans, but this is her fav
I`m new to CD (currently in my 5th week) so I can`t comment on the 1000 plan.

I have never done SS or SS+ as I know my body needs solid food going through it, So I am doing the 810 plan. I have always been in ketosis on this plan, Though I think that isn`t the case for everyone. I am also having good losses which for me is a maj0or achievement as I really struggle to lose weight due to an underactive thyroid and PCOS.

Good luck, Whichever you choose to do xX


is back on it...
thanks ladies... going to stick with it for the week.

Feel so depressed right now... cant sleep :(

1st day tomorrow... need some positive thinking... downward weight journey from now on... cant feel any worse than i do right now...

you can do it ...keep us posted, this is a great place for support.


Mad as a Hatter
Hope that you have woken up to a more positive day today - you can do one day surely.. and then one becomes two and before you know it, you have done a week

You know you can do this - we are here for you !!

good luck - i'm sure you are doing fab!! xx