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Need some inspiration

So for the last 3 days ive been saying to myself ill start tommorow...oh thats no good because x, y and z is happening ...i'll start the next day .
the reality is im not starting and need some urgent inspiration. I started lipotrim in August and only lasted 3 weeks before birthday celebrations brought it all tumbling down :wave_cry:. It was really hard mentally but i lost 1 stone 9ibs in those three weeks and as feeling much more confident and healthier infact. since then i have managed to put it all back on plus another 5lbs which is making me feel awful. is there anyone out there who knows how i feel and can give me some inspiration???
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This year is my year....
Well you have taken the first step towards starting and have logged onto this site and told someone you want to change. Thats a big step:)

Have you taken a look at the Inspriation Slide Show at the top of the page?? The weight loss that some of the people have lost in such a short space of time is phenominal. Thats what motivated me to start.

I also told a lot of people that i was going to start Lipotrim on 2nd January. That way, if i had;nt started, i would have had to explain to everyone why i didnt (which i would have hated!) AND, it also means that i have lots of encouragement and support and (at the moment) feel that i can last the distance and finally be slim.

I am only on day two and i was expecting to feel dreadful like i did last time but i dont. I actually kept really busy both days and stayed away from the kitchen (as much as i could with two kids!).

Its only the first 3 or 4 days that you have to get through. After that, the 'eating' bit doesnt bother you.

1st & 9lbs was a lot of weight to lose in 3wks. You said you felt great and confident. Keep visualising how you looked and thinking about how you felt back then. That may help you through the first few days.

I'll help you through your first few days!!! I promise!!! Im not back to work until 7th Jan so i'll log on and hold your hand until then during the day!!!xxxxxxxx

Go on, get the shakes out and get them ready for the morning......Tell someone you are going to start too....xxxx

Let me know what you decide. We are all in this together and have the same goal.xxxxx

Listen to Shivers, take her adivce and keep coming here.. This place is whats keeping me going cos no one in my life yet knows im on this diet.. I'll be telling my housemates and prob a few at work soon.. Start tomorrow.. no excuses and we'll be here every single step of the way..

As for inspiration, you are your own inspiration.. If you believe in yourself and have your goal then you can do it.. Best of luck honey.. am always here!


Love God; Love People
Hi, this is the place to come for support, and it really willhelp keep you going. You can do this!
As everyone else has said log on here and read the threads. They are very inspirational and even like today when ya are feeling the way ya are there is always someone online to have a chat with.

Take a step back and realize why ya are doing this diet. This has to be the hardest diet that I have ever been on so ya have to be extremley focused to do it and theres always going to be excuses or events coming up thats going to put ya off but ya have to say to yourself "do I want to be thin or do I want to stay the way I am and be unhappy and overweight?". Only you can answer this question and its not something that we all can force ya do. We could say to ya yes ya should do it but tomorrow morning theres going to be something else turning up thats going to make ya not do it.

The other day I was reading through the teams on cd where they motivate each other, i think that is something that is missing from Lipotrim but in saying this the people in this group really help ya through it but ya have to be prepared to put in the other 90% yourself.

If it helps keep a daily diary and jot down everything ya are feeling it really makes ya see what days ya are feeling low and how ya can learn from not turning around doing the old familar things ya used to do. I recently took a picture of myself and stuck it on the fridge, everytime I go to even think about breaking the diet that picture reminds me of how i am feeling at the moment and its enough for me to succeed. If it helps ya can do the same.

We are all on here for a reason and I would be more than happy to keep in touch with ya along the way. So come on jump on the wagon and get it rolling, hopefully when I speak to ya tomorrow ya will be telling me ya are ready to start, gud luck with whatever ya decide. I really wish ya the best and if ya ever need a chat ya know where I am, take care
Hello and welcome. Ditto on what everyone else has said. There are a lot of restarters here, myself included. I was in the same boat last year when I tried to go back on TFR. I just could not do it as I could not get myself in the right frame of mind. So I gave up trying and just lurked on minimins for a while reading about how well everyone else had done and were still doing. I simply decided that I wanted to join them and set the New Year as my target start date.

I truely believe if you stuck to it before (no matter what length of time) you can get back on the Lipo Train and start your journey. I have just completely Day 2 and have spent the evening at the cold and draughty O2 Arena in London watching Chris Brown - but he was HOT HOT HOT...so took my mind off food for a while...teehee
I'm with what everyone else has said. There will always be events to give you excuses to not start but the honest truth is, the sooner you start the sooner you'll get to target.

I started in April when my BP was too high for me and scared me witless. It was the kick up the bum I needed to make me start. I had 8 months on LT and can honestly say, after the first few weeks, it was the easiest diet to stick to! I have 3 children and had to cook everyday for them. I found I was also able to bake goodies for them and not be tempted coz I wanted to get to my target more than I wanted a brownie!

You need to ask yourself what you really want, to eat or to be slim and healthy! If you want to eat then, sorry to say this but you will break! If you want to be slim and healthy then this is the best place to be. Stick photos of you are your worst everywhere you would normally find food. Believe me, it is the best deterent you can find! Also stick up pics of outfits you want to wear or pics from when you felt good. The visual prompts really work! The photo my youngest took of my huge rear elipsing the kitchen window helped me no end!!!! I just hate that photo!!!!

Set yourself lots of mini targets that are easy to achieve - I had 25 and there were times that I was achieving one a week which really helped me keep going. They were silly targets like getting into the next stone or losing another stone or BMI going down a level.

You can do this - but you have to want it.

Good luck hun, we are here to help if you need us.

ok ready to give it another go.

ive just logged on and cant believe that people hae been so kind to respond to me. it's nice to see that others understand how it feels i will keep you updated and logon to keep me going xx
Hey hunny, we have all been were you are and understand what you are doing through. I regret not starting LT when my GP first suggested it to me but the honest truth is, I probably wasn't ready to do it then. You really have to be in the right mind to start and stick to it coz the first week is the toughest - I'm not looking forward to the coming week - I'm already barking at the children and I am only on my first day of my restart!

There is always someone on here to encourage, advise, support you through tough times - I've just been too ashamed to actually come on and admit how badly I toppled of the refeed wagon! They really are the nicest bunch of people you will meet in cyberspace.

Good luck with your journey.



This year is my year....
ive just logged on and cant believe that people hae been so kind to respond to me. it's nice to see that others understand how it feels i will keep you updated and logon to keep me going xx

You know, i rarely log on in the day (due to the fact that i am at work or like now, the kidsa are home and im too busy) but i thought of you this morning and thought i'd check to see if you had come back!!!

Are you starting today?
You know, i rarely log on in the day (due to the fact that i am at work or like now, the kidsa are home and im too busy) but i thought of you this morning and thought i'd check to see if you had come back!!!

Are you starting today?

Gosh Ive been thinking the same....lol. I thought I was too harsh in what I said but glad to see you've come back now I can get some sleep!!;) Any ideas of when ya are climbing the wagon?

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