need some kind help, thinking of giving up HELP

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  1. natalie9543

    natalie9543 Member

    ill start from beginning, i started lipo last sunday, did great then eat chips on the tuesday, was gutted, but carried on with shakes, i got weighed sat n lost 4.5bls, gutted, ive started a new week yesterday thinking right im gonna do this and loose more next week, even done some excercise.

    today the kids are being very bad, screaming at each other and me, i want to cry, cant cope and want to eat, they are really getting m,e down and need to eat, i think if i put them to bed early and eat something nice ill feel better,

    i keep thinking im gonna quit and go on weight watchers, or eat cereal for brekkie n lunch n weight watchers meal for tea, and loose it that way, at least ill be happy and still loosing BUT VERY SLOWLY BOOHOO

    but i just dont know guys, i can already feel my trousers getting baggier round my waste and legs. im loveing the feeling but im so miserable, i have nothing to look forward to when kids finally asleep and feeling very down and ready to give up, help

    sorry its so long but need someone to chat to.:tear_drop::(
    natalie x
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Natalie,

    I can see from your post that you felt disappointed with your weight loss of 4.5lbs. I think this was a good weight loss for your first week, especially as you would of come out of ketosis eating chips. You did very well to carry on and complete a week after this slip.

    You are already feeling the benefits in your clothes of how quickly this diet works and you might well find that you lose the same weight again this week, perhaps even more than last week, as I have noticed that it is often the case that those who have a lowish first week weight loss catch up on the second week.

    The diet does get easier, try and hang in there and give it a month and see how you feel.

    Have you done some body measurements and taken some before photos?

    Here is the link to the slide show for some inspiration

    Love Mini xxx
  4. natalie9543

    natalie9543 Member

    hi hun, no have no pics, would be a good idea, im also feeling ill with cold had it since i started lipo, not a good combination, im very low at the moment and just dont know what to do, i wanna loose the weight fast and ill loose it faster on this then any other but im so miserable and ratty, is this normall, its so odd odd as in the morning im full of enrgie n raring to go:mad:
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Natalie,

    You need to pace yourself on this diet as it does take a couple of weeks to get use to it. It is a good sign that you do have energy in the morning.

    You could try splitting your third pack and make one half up for tea and have the other half later on in the evening. Just make sure you make each half up fresh.

    It seems very normal to have cold like symptoms in the first couple of weeks. I think this could be the body detoxing.

    This again is normal for the first week or so and should pass, however, some experience this more so around totm on the diet as it does effect the hormones as does any rapid weight loss diet.

    Love Mini xxx
  6. natalie9543

    natalie9543 Member

    hi wow that link amazing, those women look great, amazing pics, the odd think is im still starving, im actually sat here shaking as so hungry, wil be having my next shake soon but really need some support, my sister doing so well and im very glad for her, i know if id not had my slip then id be much better now
  7. lillie

    lillie weighs a lot less

    natalie i know how you feel it is a hard diet but it is worth it youve already lost4.5lbs it would take you a lot longer to achieve that on any other diet !! it does get easier but you need to get yourself in the right frame of mind think why you are doing this .When the kids go to bed do something else to stop you thinking about eating why not try pampering yourself a face mask or manicure or something eating wont make you feel better its what made you need lipotrim in the first place,when my 2 go to bed i always have choc shake with peppermint tea that is my little luxury and tastes lovely and my nails look amazing !! GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO THIS and remember your not the only person on lipotrim that helps me through the tough times xx lillie

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