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Need some serious help!!!!

Hi everyone.....

Well im after some advice and help really.

Iv been doing really well up to about a month ago, i had a holiday at the beggining of March so was really focused and on the ball up to it and got down to me lowest weight ever in the whole of my weight loss journey.... since being back its now 4 weeks on and iv put on about 4lbs by just not working out and eating bad things most evenings.

I feel like as soon as i get close to my goal i go into self distruct mode and it makes no sense!, getting down to a size im happy with is one of the most important things in my life at the moment and to be honest its all i bloody think about.... to the point where its driving me mad but i just dont seem to be doing anything about it!, my home life is good and im happy with my Fiance so i no its not that.

Now im really pissed with myself as i am off to my parents in just over two weeks and i wanted to be a lot lighter than i am but as i havent got back on track yet im not loosing anything and am slowly running out of time, ill be seeing my friends and family and i wanted to feel great.... i really dont understand myself , if i had really suck to it by now i would be only half a stone away from my goal instead i am 1 1/2 stone away and i can feel myself getting heavier as i speak!!:(

I go to work every day thinking "i will get back on track today" and every evening i screw up.

Loosing this last bit of weight is so so important to me and i know how it will change my life, i cant wait to be able to wear the georgous clothes and feel great about myself but i just keep getting in my own way, lately i just always seem to have an excuse not to eat healthly or work out.

Im just after some advice or if anyone knows of websites that might inspire me??


PS: Sorry to go on!!
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I know exactly how you feel - inthe past when I've got near my goal weight I've sabotaged myself, and it just doesn't make sense. I think about dieting/being at my goal 99% of the time, and at the moment, I'm totally on track, and raring to go...

I think the best site to inspire you, is here! Take a look at the 'inspirational slide show' that's motivation enough. AND posting here is brilliant - everyone is so fab about keeping you on track, and giving advice, it makes you realise you CAN do it! Also putting on 4lbs is nothing - you can get rid of that in 2-3 weeks and what's 2-3 weeks in the grand scheme of things? Nothing.

Just think of one meal at a time - that way it makes it easier -if you only do 1 meal on track, that's one meal more than normal - then try 2 then 3, then you're there

Honestly, keep posting here and we'll do all we can to keep you on track and get you to where you want to be


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Hi Linds!!

Can sooooo relate to you at the moment:cry: I've been trying to get this last ruddy stone off since last summer and just can't seem to stay on track at all. I really want to get there but as you say I am my own saboteur:sigh::sigh::sigh:

I'm great for a couple of weeks and then go off the rails for a few days and struggle to get back on track!

As SortingOut says though, Minimins is a great website with plenty of peeps to support you. I also feel motivated by going and staying to class! (haven't had class for a couple of weeks so that's prob why not doing so good at mo) Good luck with your journey!
Thanks so much for your reply...

Your 1 meal at a time idea sounds good i think im going to give it a try, i just want to get there now... i feel like my life is being wasted with endless dieting and set backs .... i just want to have a heathly diet and more importantly be in control!!.... its something so simple but yet im really struggling at the mo although when im on track i really work at it.

Every evening i think .... what would i prefer going to gym or staying in with my Fiance and eating and the later usually wins!!...

I know i need to start looking at the bigger picture and looking at what i really want and its not to induldge in food its to be happy with my size and to get my confidence back in how i look!

Thanks again for the advice, ill will keep posting ... so glad i have people who understand :)


I do the same and I'm beginning to think that in a way it's no more than a bad habit; it's like I kind of reward myself for doing well by eating what i shouldn't :-(

I think Sharon's suggestion is excellent and I'm going to try it; focus on one meal/ hour at a time and give myself a mental pat on the back after every hour. Hopefully then over time the old habit/cycle will be replaced and become a distant memory. I don' think we give ourselves enough positive feedback which is why the old negative behaviours stay so strong. Think about how often we are critical of our selves on daily basis; it's much more than you realise. If we were half as positive to ourselves we might get somewhere.

Good luck; face forwards and one step at a time :)
Hi Linds, sorry to hear you are struggling.

What helps me is limiting the amount of 'bad' food I have in the house (snack wise). When I am struggling I don't buy crisps or even low fat snacks. I keep all 'quick fix' food out of the cupboard as that is what gets me. I make DH take his food away too. Then, if I am hungry I have a choice of fruit or ryvita or crackers with cheesespread. It works for me. If it's there I EAT IT!

In terms of exercise, I used to be really bad....that is until i got my exercise bike. If it involved me leaving the house I would NEVER go...to cold...too dark...too cosy etc. So instead I sit and cycle my way through Hollyoaks or Hells Kitchen and i feel great. Not missing out but ot putting myself out either. Maybe you could think of something you can do at home too for the days you do not want to go to the gym?

You can do it! We all can. Get yourself your before (or an old pic where you aim to be) and put it on the front of every cupboard and the fridge and then when you go to open it you will be reminded why you are doing this!

Goodluck hun. Let us know how you get on xxx
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