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Need speedy relief!


Going From Flab to FAB!
I am so so bunged up :( ... i took 2 exlax and its done nothing :confused: I need somthing that will work today as im workin tomorow out in the car all day and dont want to get called short ..

anything i can nip to the chemist and buy that will work this evening ?
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Cambridge Consultant
When did you take the exlax?


Going From Flab to FAB!
Last night before i went to bed i took 2 :)

thanks for replying x


Cambridge Consultant
Sorry i never got a chance to get back on again? If I was you I wouldn't take anything else until tomorrow, as there's a good chance it will kick in.

If something doesn't shift tomorrow then perhaps senacot or dulcolax before you go to bed tomorrow night. Once you do clear the build up, then get on the Cambridge fibre so it doesn't happen again and make sure you are drinking all your water.

Its not a nice thing and prevention is better than cure!
I found that slimatea helps which i buy from Holland and Barrett - keeps things moving, i had a terrible experience with being bungged up when i was first on the diet and a tea a day works wonders


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning :) thanks so much for replying i do have an update .. isnt it wonderful how we can all chat about poo so openly lol ..

I tried a CD bar for the first time yesterday not whether it was coincidence or not i dont know but WOW .. about an hour or so after did i have to run LOL ,..

Ummm clearout accomplished :giggle:


Silver Member
The only thing that works for me when I am really bad, and it is a last resort solution is the chocolate ex-lax (1 1/2, which is more than they recommend). This is a last solution though as it is quite harsh, but it does the job. For some reason nothing else ever works.

Also I find having an SS+ meal will kick things back into action, which is often the more sensible choice for me.

Hope it sorts itself out, there is nothing worse.


Cambridge Consultant
Good stuff! now get some fibre! ;)

Yes and I think the bars help me too. :D

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