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Need Support - or a kick up the bum

Ok I am having a serious wobble and its not good.
I have done 14 weeks on lighter life and i have only lost 24lbs, which im happy with the amount its just the time its taken and that is making me lose focus. I keep thinking of the money. I have slowed right down and only done 4 lb for the whole of may and had a bad week this week and missed class on tuesday so i am going tomorrow. I just don't think i can do it - im not believing in my self any more, i wanted to get down another stone really but will be happy with 8lb. See im a mess i think its cos its totm. I really don't know what to do maybe i should go on to maintance and try and maintain where i am now as im so scared that im going to relapse and put it all back on! has any one else felt like this?
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Hey Belle83 - can I suggest that you read back through our books and try and decide where you are on the cycle of change - methinks it may help your resolve to understand where you are. I too have been at this place many times and have found reading back really helpful. Try and stick to your goal of another stone if you can, because if you don't (as with me) you will always feel you have failed (the cycle goes - just wanted to lose that last half stone syndrome, guilt, feeling useless, fear, sabotage, guilt, feeling useless, fear, sabotage) (as my friend said to me get off the wheel you are not a hamster, make a change because that's when change happens) and the brilliant weight loss you have achieved will fade into insignificance. It's not insignificant, 24lbs is a massive achievement and one that I whole heartedly applaud you for doing. Keep on lighterlite lifing belle83 - we all support you. Mucyh respect
Hi Belle83, its my first day on LL today and your right it is an expensive diet but what you need to think of is the end result will so be worth it, what i did was a little list of goals to go towards and when i reach them i will treat myself, we are all in the same boat so we will all support u, just think what else might you be spending that money on eg- food, takeaways.
Stick with it hun you are doing amazing. xxx
Thank you ladies. i have been through the books this morning and feel a bit better. I have a clearer view. I really want to get to the 10st 6lb and I have been feeling so good at what i have achieved. It helps to know that other people have been in the same boat, thanks for being there for me. xx
well im still STS and its all my thought - im going to WI but they must think im mad. I start well and then cheat just little things and i have had so many weddings and holidays (it felt so good tho seeing ppl and all the compliments nearly 2st lighter) Mineva can you give me some advice I think i need to restart my mind!
Hi just to let you all know i lost 1lb this week - im going to do this week then go into maintance - i think that this is right for me. I have lost 2st and feel great im going to start the exercise as well and im sure that will have a positive affect :)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well done belle youve come along way , you should be super proud xxx

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