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need tips to pull back a really bad day.

every tuesday i have a day off usually i'm ok and still lose weight but i went over top this week and put on already. i'm worried i can't pull it back. already reduced my syns to 10 but do u think i should reduce it to less any tips to help i relise i'm gonna have to work mega hard. do u think exercise would help i don't exercise at mo other than loads of walking.
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I ate my willpower!
I would reduce it to 7 syns and try and eat loads of super free foods. Personally, I worry about the exercise bit. I have heard people in group who hanv't lost and then they say, but I have exercised loads this week, and the leader says, it's probably muscle etc but I am going to wait until I reach a plateau or until I am nearly at target and then I will introduce the exercise!
well ... what is done is done sorry to say....

I am a firm believer in exercise....

*not only to tone up the body but
*also to improve the blood flow... this is good for the organs... your whole body and also great for
*your stress levels...
* it will also help to keep you focused
*you will have far more energy
*when your body is in better shape helps to fight off any illness that you can get.
*keeps you supple too
*you actually burn more calories than you would when you are resting
*you may not get a loss be it for what ever reason but you will loose inches as you are toning up and not just hanging there :8855:
*can help to lower blood pressure..risk of heart disease.. diabetes...
*strengthens the heart muscle ... and we all need to improve our hearts...it's what keeps us going.
*improve your self esteem and confidence.

Geesh how much more do I have to list... get out there even 3 times a week and do something active .. then after 4 weeks tell me you don't feel better... or even 2!

It doesn't have to be boring... varied is the key.. drag a friend along... do it at home.. long walks... swimming... get a bike.. step (we all have stairs and mp3 player)

Ok I will stop now haha!
Lol Treats ever thought of becoming an aerobics instructor or a fitness coach?? Lol
I agree though, have you ever thought about a dance class? Jive or salsa are fantastic. Swimming is another one that tones more than builds muscle.
I only have 1-2 syns a day the most is 6 on a green day, have a look at my diary on the SW diaries thread and see if there is anything there that could help?

Lol Treats ever thought of becoming an aerobics instructor or a fitness coach?? Lol

:giggle: Well it is part of my trade and training and just don't get it when people come up with excuses.... I have a very bad back and neck condition but still exercise and feel so much better and it does help....better than sitting in a chair all day.

Sadly a lot of why we are like we are is because we have too much intake or the wrong intake and our lives are more sedentary....

None us like to admit it...I knew it but let myself get like that... and only I can get myself out of it.

This isn't a dig at anyone... before you all jump on me lol


I ate my willpower!
I did write a massive reply to this thread but decided not to post it for fear of being booted off here. Think I will leave this thread now before I keel over from the excertion of typing.
Thats exercise too SpaceAngel...well for your fingers!! Lol!!!
I have problems with my back to, but still manage to teach dance for 4-6 hours a week! I love it and dont think of it as exercise. Also have a Wii fit at home, but thats still in the box......I'll just get my coat! Lol!
A friend of mine has the wii fit and she says she has such a ball with it...

Programmed the people that are in races etc with her as her family ... her mum who can hardly walk says comes sprinting by her.. she says she has a real hoot playing it... and is on it everyday now and gets withdrawal symptoms when she has to go away :8855:

I love dancing.... I got that strictly dancersize... geesh that is darn hard!! Myself and my daughter tried it... too advanced for us until we can bend our legs in 10 different directions while hopping and twisting the body to the left with arms in three other directions.....hahahaha
ty all
with the exercise thing i was worried of gaining first week of exercise like i've heard at class other prob with exercise is i have a 11 week old and 7 year old and i never seem to find the time to do my housework let alone exercise. not a excuse btw cause i'd love to get out of the house and go to a class on my own but zac has reflux and its not fair to leave him with anyone. on plus side i do walk aleast 7 miles a week aleast.

ty all


Reached Target. woohoo
I do 15 mins 3 times a week and try and get some walking in too. Your body will find its own limit. Good luck.

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