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Need TLC


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:wave_cry:Good morning everyone, hope you are all having a good sunday, it will no doubt rain here later, hope everyone is feeling motivated today as i know the weekend can be difficult!!!! I work nights so am usually on here when everyone else is in bed so feel very alone!!! sorry for my rant but you know when you need that reassureance when your feeling down, i guess its my day for feeling shitty, i had a huge arguement with my husband last night and that does not help your willpower
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HI KATY, i in work since 8 ;) sundays are def the toughest day of the week and when its raining its even tougher ! here's hoping we all hav a good 1 !
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hey hope your felling better. i know how you feel last time i did this diet i worked weekend night shift its hard. saying that i would have rather been workin meself last night instead of watching the other half eating a kebab and drinking beer lol. :D:D:D


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Hi katy sorry to hear your feelin down I was really down yesterday morning and i had an argument with boyfriend too try and get some sleep after ya night shift and when ya wake up have a nice bath and pamper yourself it always makes me feel better, you should be so proud of yourself too you have done so well losing an amazing amount of weight chin up honey you will feel better later on :):) xxxx


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Just think of all the weight you have already lost, its brilliant, and you are not far from your goal now. Keep strong. Hope you feel better when you get up : )


Positivity is the key
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Hi Katy,
sorry you are having a down day but good for you coming on here and ranting about it rather than eating. We will always have tough times but we need to keep the focus on the big picture which does not include us being bigger in it. Look at how far you have come and look at the smaller road left to travel. You have done brilliantly on this diet so stick with it for a few more weeks and you will be at goal.
Wishing you all the best for today and this week.


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Katy

When you feel down, the best place is to come on here! It is where you are able to just let out and not start to eat and fill any void that you feel.

Sorry to hear you had an argument, but good on you for not heading to the fridge/cupboard. Hope you have sorted it out. The way you handled your argument today will help you longterm. If like me, you used to just hurt yourself and eat because you were hurt instead of confronting the problem..hopefully today you have learnt skills how to deal with this in the future.

You have done incredibly welll...just saw that you have lost 25% - a quarter of your body weight!!!! WAW!!!!!! Says it all...you are determined and doing amazingly and almost there.

Look, we all have days like that,,,so long as we deal with them constructively, and I think you have by ranting (as you say) :) We all need a good moan now and again...

Hope you are ok now and take care.

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