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Need to ask, sorry...


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I know in an ideal world i wouldn't have eaten yesterday, but i did hey ho...

anyway, i need to ask this question, does anyone find if they eat they have this vile taste rift on them the next day?

i've had this a couple of times which makes me feel really sick, anyway, i don't really wanna phone in sick but i feel like i'm either gonna be sick or have the runs...
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I've been off plan this week (weekend and yesterday) and I've had a bad tummy today, guess it depends what you ate but if it's carbs your digestion appears to suffer.

Just glug that water! fingers crossed you'll be feeling better soon. x


Fab & Fit For Florida
i think i'm gonna have to phone work... thing is if i phone in sick, i'm gonna get put on an unofficial absence plan


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When i had a break as i had the flu i found if i ate too much carbs (which i did) i felt bit sicky xxx


Fab & Fit For Florida
i've rang work now, gonna go back to bed cos the pain is horrid... speak to you guys later x


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When I eat carbs I always get the runs & stomach cramps. I figure its not too bad because at least most of the bad stuff is going through me not piling onto my body as fat. It always feels really good to go back to CD after a day off the wagon.

Then when I get back on again, I always get at least one weak, faint, hungry day, usually day 3 or 4 of being back on plan. I'm having one today after my friend's wedding this weekend. But I put up with all this and push on through. I'll be right as rain and back ot normal in a few days.

Personally with that kind of runs I'd go to work anyway. It's not an infection that others can catch, just your body rebelling against food it doesnt want.
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I must admit, last Friday I went out for a curry for my husbands birthday. First night off in about 3 weeks.

I only had 1 popadom, 8 dry chicken tikka bits with a small bit of veg curry and green salad. I was fine until Sat afternoon and then OMG!!!! I was soooooo poorly with bad stomach cramps and the runs! Nothin stayed in me until I downed some pepto bismal (that stuff is vile but works wonders!!) on Monday. I wondered if it was a stomach bug, but think it was probably just the rich food. :cry:

Wont be trying that again for a while!!!!


Fab & Fit For Florida
well i'm not feeling too bad today... just gonna have to face the consequences at work...

i spent most of the day in bed... but i was really poorly at work on saturday like this and there was no way i was putting up with that again today at work...

feel better for staying in bed... having a hot choc now

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