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need to be honest with you all!!

S: 11st12lb G: 10st12lb
ok first off i never went for my weigh in yesterday which there is a reason behind this monday night i decided i was gonna come off it and i spent the day tuesday eatting was gonna get the rest off by going back onto weight watchers so i decided to eat as i would on weight watchers i had family down tuesday and mother in law commented on how much weight i lost and make me smile plus with me buying a size 14 pair of jeans which i fitted in, tuesday night i talked to newtolife on msn and she made me realise i wanted to go back onto it which i do thank you very much hunni you changed me and if i hadnt talked to you i would still be eatting now! but wed i got up and i am back on it and ok i think of food but i havent caved and wont. i didnt tell you all cos i was asshamed i was just going to disapear from the group and not return but ever since talking to newtolife i have felt bad on telling you all :break_diet: not cos you will put me down but everyone here has been honest and told us all about every little cheat, i got on the scales just a minute ago and it says i am now 12stone3.5lbs which made me happy my weigh in day is now gonna be tuesday and i am sorry for not telling you all and when i wanted to eat to come on here and tell you all.
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You certainly do not need to apologise. I'm sure most of us at one time or another wanted to eat, but your now through it and in the LT zone again. Good luck hun and like Rubyslippers says, well done for getting back on the horse.
Nothing to feel ashamed about at all.. we all feel like that at times... Good luck to you xx
Well done, moments come and go, good job you have some excellent support here. Everyone is so insiring, so thanks to them all and keep going


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good luck with the rest of your journey, but remember that if you want to eat again, you do need to re-introduce food gradually so you dont get ill or gain water weight.

which ever diet you decide on long term, you need to take care of your health, and help your body adapt.

I know wanting to eat is such a huge driving urge, so congrats of getting back on track.

I felt the same for about the first month! but just kept on with it, and now in week 8 I hardly think about eating at all. i like the smell off food still, but the desire to eat is less, and there is no driving urge like there used to be.

good luck
S: 11st12lb G: 10st12lb
thank you everyone and for being so understanding and it wont happen again but if it does i will be on here be4 i eat i dont want to be back at eatting not until i am happy with my weight. i got back onto it ok havent been ill and got straight back into it. thanks again you are all a great bunch of friends and very surportive and it means alot to me to have you all. xxxx
S: 11st12lb G: 10st12lb
thank you vickie. just gonna make my first shake of the day now mmmmm coffee and vanilla one and i wouldnt have known about it if it wasnt for this group xxxx
well done for getting back at it,i dont think u need to apoligise to anyone ,this site is for support ,which is where come to especially when we are having a bad day ,keep it up honey xxxxxxx
S: 11st12lb G: 10st12lb
thank you hun xxx


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well done on getting back on it and good luck for your WI x
S: 11st12lb G: 10st12lb
thank you xxx


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Hi MHMum, well one for restarting. I was listening to 'The thin commandments' audiobook, and one of the things discussed is the 'I blew it' syndrome! It refers to a period of simply face-stuffing after a diet slip and then feeling so much worse. Diet success is not just about weight control but error control. Well, you didn't blow it: you've done really well to get right back on track.
The LT forums guys are a great group, so very supportive and I think this forum is the best thing to happen to all LT users!
S: 11st12lb G: 10st12lb
thank you ever so much i am so glad i was ok getting back onto and it hasnt made me feel ill like it did the first day of getting on lt. i have been ok and i am not feeling ill no headaches nothing which is great i was worrying about getting back on it as i have read so much people going on it for a second time and finding it so hard so maybe cos it was just one day thats why i was ok. thank you so much the main thing i am saying sorry for is not telling you straight away. xxx
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No apology needed babe. Sometimes we need a period of reflection to get our mindset straight and decide what exactly we want. You have had yours and now know what your future plans will be. I only planned to do LT for 6 weeks, as the friend who encouraged my in my first week had, but finding this site and reading other peoples stories was the inspiration I needed to stick with it.

It is hard when you have to cook for the children everyday and do the food shopping every week but gradually you come to realise that we eat to live and not live to eat - which is what I did before. I hope that my the time I finish I can be as good as Nic, Julz, Nicki and all the others on refeed/maintenance who have maintained their losses with good eating.

It is a very brave thing to do to own up and admit you fell off the wagon and we respect you for your honesty and are here to support you whenever you need it.

Good luck hun.



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good luck xx

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