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Need to get back on track

So I started on May 3rd, and have had really good success so far.

When I joined I was 314 lbs / 22stone 6, and on WI last week I was at 279.5 lbs / 19stone 7.

People have been commenting on how good I am looking etc, however for some reason over the past 2 weeks I have become very complacent and not sticking to plan - I was very surprised to have lost 1.5 last week as I had had been off plan most of the previous week and didnt really go to the gym.

I had planned to get back on track this week - however this hasnt really happened, I have eaten poorly and not done the gym again - which I feel annoyed about, I have had a couple of other things on which through me off a bit.. work / night out / energy levels etc.

I know I can do this, I have achieved some fantastic results, so why cant I get my head around this and get back on track ?

My WI is tomorrow (Mon) and Im expecting to have gained a bit.

So.... how do you motivate yourself to stay on track etc??

Hope this makes sense :)

Thanks everyone,



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Hey Paddy - u can really tell the difference in your face!
Try setting yourself some mini goals to aim for and reward yourself with it when you achieve it - when something it a long way off it does seem unachieveble.
Keep a food diary on here - the gals will give you a boot up the bum if you stray off plan.
Remember that if you do go off plan it is self sabatage - the only person your disapointing is yourself


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Hey :)
Think a diary is a really good idea - the support on here is great and I always keep on track better if I have to admit (to myself as well as others) what I've eaten.
I don't know what you're eating atm but I'd def suggest you have your syns so that you don't feel deprived, and go to group as that really helps me too.
Loads of luck and hope you find the motivation you need x


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wow your doing fantastic, thats nearly a stone a month you have lost :eek:

and looking bloody good with it!whit woo

what motivates me to stay on track is the comments i have had since losing weight and feeling on top of the world when trying clothes on and they look and fit good.and feeling 100% more confident.

no amount of eating crap can replace those feelings. and it spurs me on. i wanna be georgousness more then i want to fill my face lol.

popping on this site always motivates me, check out before and after photos. and post how your feeling, just like you have done. responses are always so helpful.

keep up the goodwork, your doing so well


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Congratulations first on a fantastic weight loss so far...

Going on from here - ask yourself:

1) Why did i start this journey?
2) Apart from being 3stone lighter - what have you gained already from that 3stone? More energy? More confidence?

3) if you have noticed those difference - do you like them? Do you want to see just what will be when you get to the end of your journey? if your confidence has increased so far - how much more will it increase by the time you get to target?

Write a pros/cons list of what loosing weight would mean to you. see if you can turn any of the cons around to pros.

I think sometimes we loose enough to feel better about ourselves and confuse this with being where we need to be.

In other words we move the goal posts, a bit like self sabotage.

Maybe a long hard think about where you wanted this journey to end, what you expected and wanted to look like. Are you there yet?

I have only lost a stone since I started to diet, but feel tons better. It would be so easy for me to stop here! People keep telling me how good I look and THAT believe it or not is NOT really helping me. I keep yoyoing between... shall I stop now or should I carry on to my target. Nothing stranger than folk... and boy am I strange! lol

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