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need to loose 5lb in two weeks!!! but on a seriously tight budget!!!

There are loads of cheap meals you can make. Obviously it depends on whether you are doing Red, Green or Extra Easy.

For a start, how about:
Home made vegetable soup
Potato, onion and cheese pie
Jacket potato with baked beans
Corned beef hash
Vegetable curries
"Rubber chicken" - ie several meals from one chicken (I can manage at least 3-4 for OH and myself from a small chicken)
Omlette, SW chips & salad or baked beans
Beans/egg/spaghetti/tomatoes etc on toast (using bread as HEB)

Will have a look through my magazines and books to find some other cheap meals and will post tomorrow.

Haven't had time to look for more recipes but would suggest you use a lot of rice, pasta and potatoes. Eggs are free and a good source of protein.

Make sure you have plenty of fruit and veg - Aldi's "Super Six" are well worth buying and work your menus around those plus your storecupboard to save money.

Let me know if you want more recipes.

That's one thing that has "stopped" me dieting in the past - but if you do some research and plan your week - even with lots of meat meals - it's not that expensive!!!!!
I make a big load of "savoury" mince but pad it with other things so I'll cook one single pack (500g) of mince with 2 or 3 onions (depending on size), a leek, kidney beans, mushrooms, courgettes, whatever colour pepper (frozen peppers are good for this), frozen peas, both grated and chopped carrots (grated sort of disappear but still bulk it out) a couple of cheap tins of chopped tomatoes, some beef stock to make more sauce, mixed herbs, black pepper, rosemary (for cottage pie/spag bol) or chilli powder for chilli! Plus you can add any veg into it thats sat in the bottom of the fridge looking a bit sorry for itself, just chop it up finely!

Serve with rice/pasta/potato or just on its own!
It will go further if you have it with other things though. And its fine to freeze too.

thanks guys these ideas have helped greatly and am off to buy some large mince packs etc tomorrow. as a family we wanted to empty the freezer of the stuff lying around in there for our big xmas shop so will make a large batch of chilli and bolognese for those days that i cant have what they having ie. pizzas etc.
i messed up yesterday and started to feel a bit low after picking on a little too much and adding up exactly what i had in syns i was devastated but now being on here has spurred me on. shall i lower my syns for the next few days to make up for yesterday????
i seem to have a picking problem that i cant budge lol:cry:
If you need to pick then pick at free food, fruit, raw veg, sw quiche, sw chips etc.

Probably worth cutting your syns down for a few days. Try not to have more than 105 in a week.

I too am on a budget (a tight one) so thanks for this thread.

Months ago there was a menu on Lifeline for students which had a budget 7 day plan so if you are a club member it might be searching on there.....

Looking forward to inspiration!


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