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Need to loose weight and alot of it by 31st JAN! URGENT!!!


Slimming for my children

My dress is being fitted and paid for (deposit) on 31st Jan.

when i tried it on last time i was about 14.8 and now i am 16.10 so i need to get as near to that as possible in a month!

I am going to either do gym work, wii fit or swimming every day until then and carry on until the wedding but this period between then and now is crucial!

TIPS TIPS TIPS And how much can I loose realistically!???
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i dont think you can realistically loose 2 stone in 4 weeks, lets face it thats 7lbs a week and no diet will give you those results. i would say if you were 100% strict with yourself and tried cutting right down on syns and basing your meals on super speed super free foods then you might get close to the stone mark, or even past it. the best way of loosing fast would be to go on a total meal replacement diet like cambridge lighter life etc. however i dont think its recommended that you do those for short periods of time.


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I suppose it's possible to get close to a stone. But you'd have to be super focussed. Perhaps do Success Express??? Can you do that for a whole month? Maybe take a couple days off and just do the normal red/green plan for a few days and then back on Success Express? And definitely exercise. Even if it's just going for a long, brisk walk every day. That's free. Maybe go to the local dog's home and volunteer to walk the dogs... Upping your levels of activity will help to burn more calories and boost your metabolism.


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I think you have enough motivation to make you do your best.....have you got a picture of your dress that you can keep in your pocket so that every time you are tempted by anything -non diet- you can look at it and decide which is more important.......


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Success Express is explained in the SW books that you get when you join, but ther is some infor on here. I restarted doing SW diet a few weeks ago (and I weigh around the same as you) and I lost 8lb in the first week, then 2 and half, so that was over 10lb in 2 weeks, thats near on a stone in half the time, so I reckon a good stone is defo pos on SW, that's enough to make a difference with your clothes xxx


Slimming for my children
wicked. Thanks for that.
I went to the gym yesterday and have stuck to it today!
I am going for a gym programme where they tell me the best way to loose weight on monday!
I did 15 mins on the wii fit today and tomorrow i will do 15 mins on wii fit. (working nights tonight and tomorrow).

I have to do this!


I ate my willpower!
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Good luck with it! I agree that Success Express is the best thing for good losses, so is eating little and often, (can boost the metabolism).

I was reading an article in the paper which said that exercising in a certain way can make you lose weight faster. She said that if you use a treadmill, run full pelt for 1 min, then spend 10 mins walking fast, then full pelt for another 1 min, then walking fast for 10 mins etc. Same applies with the cycling machine.

She said that it helps to burn more calories as your body has to keep adjusting to the different speeds your running/cycling, which means it burns more calories. The same thing can be applied to swimming as well.


i love minimins me :)
hey hun

maybe ya should jus aim to eat as much freefood as possible n a lot of superfree food like strawberries n beans, with the excersise u can do it :D



escaping the fat
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Stick to red days, loads of fish and lean meat. forget about having carbs with your meals and cut out the bread. You need to get as close to the atkins idea as you healthily can. Ive lost 2 stone in 4 weeks before on SW, it can be done. Just remember no spuds, pasta or rice. Good luck.


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I guess how much you actually lose is a personal thing - I've never been able to second guess my loses as there is never a pattern. But I think in this time you can lose over a stone.

You obviously need to stick to it 110% and do lots of success express days with miminal syns. Lots and lots of super free super speed foods (melon and strawberries always give me good loses).

And lots of exercise. Even if some weeks your loses aren't as good as you might hope you will be toning up with exercise and that's just as good as a lose.

Before my xmas gain I weighed pretty much the same as when I got married three years ago but I looked soooooo much thinner then as I was so toned due to my exercise routine - I do none now so flabby!! Toning up will make a huge difference.

Just get out your pic of you in your dress and keep looking at it!

Is this really the last fitting before the wedding? I ordered my dress 12mths before in a size 16 but had it taken into a size 12 two weeks before the wedding - most places will do last minute alterations and can hack inches out no problem.

You can do it. Good luck. x


Is so very nearly there!
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Good Luck chick! I shall be watching to see how you go1?
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Good luck! Can you see if you can delay the fitting? Even a couple of weeks could make a big difference if you're really going for it.
S: 17st2lb C: 17st2lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
That's about 5lbs I think - well done, that must feel really encouraging! BTW I'm assuming its your wedding dress you are getting fitted for? What's it like? Congratulations on your wedding.



Slimming for my children
I can post a photo if you like? its gorgeous and yea putting deposit down and going for my first fitting.
All year I was blaze about it............ yea i have ages and now its like I am getting married in just over 7 months and its scared the poops out of me.... not cos of hubs but cos i wanna look nice!

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