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Need to lose weight before it's too late

Hello, I was always very slim, have tiny bone structure and I am only 5ft 3in.

I am now at the heaviest I have ever been and I do not want to carry on down this slippery slope. I thought I would diarise my weight loss to motivate myself.

I do not plan to follow a particular diet plan ( the Dukan diet is effective for me but not in the long-term). I may however, integrate the oatbran recipes from the Dukan diet into a generally healthy eating plan. My biggest problem is exercise. I plan to walk a lot more, use my exercise bike for a change and do the Davina McCall DVDs a minimum of 4 times a week. I don't want to lose a lot of weight, only 24lbs. However, the weight really shows on my small frame. I really want to feel healthy and active rather than sluggish and disguising myself in baggy clothes.
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Heya, good luck with it all!
Don't push yourself too hard with the exercise all at once, take your time and build up slowly, there's no use hurting yourself.
Hope it all goes well!
See you soon.
Thanks Pink. Good luck with your goals too. I just don't have any staying power. Hopefully, this forum will help me to keep to my goals.
Good luck with your plan x am sure you will do it. I am of similar height but have sooo much more to lose. I look forward to seeing how you get on:D


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This site is great support, just keep up with your diary and make the most of everyone's inspirational stories ;)
Week one is over. Lost 4lbs - really pleased. Just got to get my rear into gear and start exercising. Don't know why, but cannot diet and exercise at the same time.
Week 2 weigh in. Lost 2lbs. really pleased cos at least going in right direction (for a change).
Did a spinning class today for the first time in 14 years. Had a near death experience. Was really upset that I used to be one of those girls who went to spinning class 4 times a week and could do all of the running, hill climbs etc. Now struggled to just do the cycling on the flat. Oh well...
Lost another pound

I am so pleased I have hit the 7lb loss mark. Now weigh 10.5 stone. Not been a gret dieter this week but weight is going in the right direction at last. I am over 40 so bit of a struggle at the best of times!

Been to two X Bike classes- it is like spinning but much much harder. plan to do at least 2 per week. Said to use about 500 calories per 30 minutes. If only I had the time and energy to do 7 per week. That woudl be 1lb lost without trying;)

Thanks Max Anderson for your advice. I have added some goals to my signature.