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need to rant ***


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I'm really sorry to hear that hun. Being disabled I've had a lot of experience with NHS appointments and the chaos!

Lets hope it doesn't get moved again

Natt xxx


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Could you ring them and say you could take a cancellation at short notice? It might work.


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That's rough x

I was already in hospital being prepped when they cancelled my op. The stress made mine flare up even worse so please don't let it get to you too much xx


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I had to make my own appointment online the other day for my next month's hospital visit, apparently its a do it yourself appointment system now in Norwich......what next I wonder?
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Yep, first DIY appointments, next DIY opps, I think they make the appointments just so they can say they have met the targets set for them. I keep finding when I go to hospital that they are putting 6 people in one time slot so the place is heaving. My last appointment was for 9.20am and got in to see consultant at 1.32pm.:cry:When I was asking people what time their appointment was it came to light about the 6 to a time slot! B****y disgusting, and then reception had the gall to confirm it - have they no shame.

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Can't help with the timing but I've just had that op and it was a doddle.


Getting fit for 30!
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This patient choice system is a joke. You can do it online or ring. So I went online and wasn't avalible for my hospital, so I rang the number and because I'd tried online I had to wait 48 hours, that was a friday so on monday the said it had to be 2 bussiness days!

Other problem I've had is when they send the appoinment out, then get a phone call or letter about 3 weeks before the appointment saying it was cancelled because the Dr. was on holiday and ring and make another!

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