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NEED TO RANT!!!!!!!!!


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:mad::( I'm seriously stressed, p*ssed off, hacked off, angry, tearful & all over the place today!
2 years ago i moved from my home town of Norwich to Herefordshire to help my hubbys Grandparents care for their disabled daughter.

We'd come up for a holiday & had a long conversation with Grandad about the fact that he needed someone to care for his daughter once they passed away & really to help with the running of the place now (as they have a pony, land etc) or they'd have to sell up & when they'd gone their daughter would have to go into a home. Now its just not me to walk away from a situation like that so we offered to take on the role. Grandad had a log cabin in his garden which he said we could live in with the idea being that once they passed on, we'd move into the big house to care for his daughter. No problem. So i gave up my tenancy, got rid of a lot of my furniture, left my family and friends to move 250 miles away. 2 years on and grandad is having a few financial problems (won't go into that) but long story short, he has to sell up. So off i toddle to the council, they up my banding to gold & am told to put in a homelessness application.
Today i'm told by my homeless officer that because i didn't really have a concrete agreement with grandad when we moved here i technically made myself homeless by giving up my tenancy & moving out here not knowing whether i'd have somewhere long term to live. So not only will they not house me straight away, they won't bump me up to priority banding (to get housed quicker) & come July 1st if i haven't found anywhere to live they won't put me in temporary accomodation as they have no obligation to do so baring in mind i supposedly made myself homeless!! If grandad wasn't selling i'd be staying here - so how i made myself homeless i don't know. Been told to look into renting privately - yeah right, like i can afford that.
Som come July 1st, me and 4 kids could be living out of the car!!!!!! :(:mad:

I'm so unbelievably stressed out - dieting is the last thing on my mind, just want to comfort eat. I know thats not going to help but then nothing i do is going to help anyway!! So frustrated!
I can't have my kids living in the car! Harry is only 7 months FFS!!!

Anyway - rant over. Thanks for listening. xx
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Appeal, in law, a verbal agreement is binding.


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First i would speak to the citizens advice about your options, i imagine they will tell you to appeal and they will help you with the legalities of it all x
I hadn't actually thought of going to CAB! Thanks. xx
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Oh rayven what a nightmare! I cant believe the council are being like that! Were in a similar situation (left out tenancy to move in with OH nan to help her out as she is going downhill). I hope everything sorts itself out and the CAB gives you some helpful advice xxx


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Have a look at this site Rayven.

Youth Justice Board - Is the Applicant Intentionally Homeless?

Particularly -
An applicant cannot be deemed to be intentionally homeless if:

  • s/he was acting in good faith
I work in housing and the fact that you have lived with Grandad for two years demonstrates a permanence in your arrangement - this has only changed due to his difficulties - you can EASILY demonstrate that you were acting in good faith ie moving there to support his daughter.

I would suggest you seek advice from CAB and write directly to the Homeless team stating your case and asking for a second opinion.

Btw this applies to everyone - not just youths - incase you've wondered why I used this site. It's just a v good site.

All the very best.x


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You poor thing, what a nightmare. Hopefully some of the great advice you've been given above will help you out, I'll be thinking of you with everything crossed xxx


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Thanks guys - half the problem is that my homeless officer sent grandad some forms to fill in, stating what was going on and he basically told them that we came for a holiday and pretty much never went home and that this wasn't a permanent arrangement!! (i'm bloody livid at this BTW)
I told the officer that this simply wasn't the case & gave him all the details of how we came to move - looking after Grandads disabled daughter etc etc - and he basically said that he has to go on the information that he's been given and that as its my word against Grandads and that as Grandad has nothing to gain by misleading him he has to take the homeless application from the tenancy we gave up in Norwich.


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Ah chick I can't offer any true advice other than is private renting an option? Hope you get sorted soon.


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What a nightmare :( I don't have any advice, just a virtual hug *hug*
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Right hun, I work for the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority), I'd defo say find your local CAB.

If not you can find a solicitor on The Law Society Website - google it as I'm not sure I can post the link, in case its classed as advertising. CLick on Find a Solicitor, and you can search by area of law, which would be Landlord and Tenant - Residential and also Family Law. Click on "more search options" and also by Family Law. Ask firms directly whether they offer free consultation period i.e 15mins or 30mins etc.

If you are in receipt of any benefits you can also contact Community Legal Advice, and their information is available through google and the direct gov website. They can offer information on Legal Aid solicitors if you are eligible.

Hope that helps xx

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