Need to start loosing again. What to change?

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  1. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    Hi there. After a long break I am back to this site which helped me a lot to loose 2 stones before. Unfortunately, several things happened afterwards that didn't help me much to stay on track: one failed IVF and gallbladder removal surgery :( While waiting for my gallbladder surgery I had to forgo my Atkins diet as fatty food gave me stones attacks and I gained a stone back over 2 weeks :( because the only food I could actually tolerate were breads etc, fruits and veggies were bringing acid reflux...Now I need to return back on track with the weight loss to attempt my second IVF.

    After gallbladder removal Atkins looks like a no option for me even though it worked for me and I will really miss it. But I was told no fat foods now. Based on my recent weight gain it does look like my body doesn't tolerate carbs and I balloon immediately. Hence, I desperately need recommendation on a new diet to follow. Unfortunately, I don't think that low calories ones are for me - I am in a demanding job and being hungry stops my brain working properly. Hence, I would prefer something more convenient like Atkins was for me before: allowing to loose weight without being starved all the time. Any recommendations?

    Thank you!
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  3. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Slimming world! Never be hungry, minimal weighing and measuring, normal healthy food. There is a low carb option if you prefer but it may just be that your body needs to acclimatise to carbs again so make sure you are drinking enough water :)
  4. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Dukan! It's low fat and moderate carb (main carbs come from oat bran and veggies - no refined carbs at all).

    Dukan allows you to eat as much as you want of the allowed foods, and the protein fills you up and gives you energy.

    I have lost all my weight on Dukan and now consolidating. The first week was difficult (cutting out carbs completely) but then became so simple and now it's a breeze.

    Any questions - I am happy to answer.

    Hope this helps xx
  5. 1goldingoap

    1goldingoap Silver Member

    i am putting on my weight again .starts of at .looseing 1/2 put on 1 .then loose again .stay the same .put on 2 .loose 1 1/2 .so i now have put back on a stone so what do i do .i am on sw.
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  6. galathea

    galathea Full Member

    Thank you all. Unfortunately, I tried Slimming World before Atkins for 2 months and it didn't work for me at all though I followed all the rules. I liked the idea and that it allowed variety but not my cup of tea apparently.

    Will need to take another look at Dukan, I recall I've chosen Atkins over Dukan before because it did seem to be more restrictive and I like my veggies. But, I guess, I don't have a choice anymore. Thank you. Will go to Dukan forum now...
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