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Need to vent!!

I love this diet and find it really easy Mon - Thurs when i am in work. The trouble starts fri - sun when i am off work with the family!! I have no willpower, my DH just has to say shall we go out for a meal and i am sitting in the car waiting for him!! Every Monday i have good intentions, but by friday i just crumble!
We are off to London for the weekend and i know thats not going to help the situation! Arghhhhhhh, i get so annoyed on a sunday (my WI) when i have not lost anything, but then i realise its because of what i eat on weekends!!:mad:

Right rant over!! xxx
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sweetie i feel for you as I am just the same ! monday to friday am good and weekend comes and i eat far less but not the 'correct' things as cant snack on free food etc as oh does not understand it lol


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i have been like that the past few weeks and i always say to myself after weigh in im going to try so hard this week and then it gets to the weekend and i think i will be fine if i just have one day off then it turs to 3 days and then iv ruined my week again! no words to advice just wanted you to know you are not alone! xx


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Try to make your weekends luxury food weekends and keep them on plan. Ask hubby not to suggest meals out, tell him that you will have a meal out when you have reached a certain goal.

I try to make weekend food more exciting than weekday food, so we'll have steak with chunky "chips" and a big salad, or I'll buy some venison or duck and have it with some lovely side dishes - things we wouldn't have mid week.

We always have a cooked breakfast on a weekend, sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes and some synned hash browns.

Make up some lovely dips, try hummous, tzatziki, salsa and have carrot and cucumber sticks to dip in whilst watching tv on an evening - all free food and can feel quite indulgent!

Ultimately though, it's up to you - if you want to lose weight you will do it. Find that willpower and don't give in to the temptation!
Just think how well you are all doing Monday-Friday & how things would be if you didn't do SW on those days.

Yes weekends are hard, for me it's a Saturday night with wine & chocs with MiL this week I ate & drank 60 syns:eek: so not many left for the week.

Try having syns on a weekly basis & start them on a Friday, that way you have all weekend to have your syns & the weekdays for free foods.

Also try & change the way your mind works, don't think just because you've had, meal out, wine, or other goodies that it has to ruin the whole weekend it doesn't, try having some of what you fancy but in moderation & work from that.

I think it also helps to have an idea of how many syns are in what you are thinking of having. MiL brings (amongst other things) maltesers, now I do like them but won't have too many as they are far too many syns for me, I'd rather have a topic, kit-kat or whatever else she has brought.
I weigh in on a saturday morning so that if i am a bit naughty at the weekend and go off plan i have all wk to be good and make it up. Seems to be ok.x

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