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Need your help!!

Hi Folks,

I am on AAM week, I haven't eaten yet, i am too nervous, what is all that about !!

I have been on SS for 4 weeks and have lost 28lbs, obviously i am thrilled, i decided to follow the CD reccomendation of adding a meal and now feel panicked that i will put on loads if i come out of ketosis, is it possible to stay in ketosis on AAM?

How many of you have done AAM? I have a girls night out tonight and lots of friends round to dinner Saturday so decided to eat this week to accomodate it all, plus i have lots to lose and cannot face SS'ing for months on end...

Any words of advice will be gratefully received.

Sarah x
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Hi there, I haven't done it yet, but I do have a meal and a couple of glasses of wine at the weekends. Still managing to lose weight every week, maybe not as fast as I would like, but me and my OH decided that it's better to do it this way, as it fits in with our lifestyle. I do a bit more exercise some walking and digging down the alotment to make up for it. Don't worry, your doing very well so far, and if things go pear shaped, look at what you've done and change it.


not so str8 or narrow!!
hiya - you'll be fine. i did my aam in the 5th week too and i stayed in ketosis and still lost. follow the cd guidelines for what and how much to eat. The danger isnt in the food itself its in letting the food take control and that 'once i start i cant stop' feeling. but if you only eat lean protein and veg/salad you shouldnt have any of those feelings from the usual overeaters blood sugar problems. Whatever you do dont feel guilty for eating because that also can lead to overeating - you are meant to be having food so just relax and enjoy it! easier said than done i know because i was absolutely quaking in my boots at the start of my aam week - have a read of my blog! my best advice is write a plan of each day what you will have and every time you follow that plan and dont deviate in either food or portion size you can feel immensely proud of yourself. good luck but you wont need it - if i can do it anyone can!
Thanks for all the words of advice, it is so reassuring to know that you can post on here and get such great advice and support, it's made me feel quite emotional x

Thanks again xxxxxxxxx

An up-date on the start of my AAMW

Hi Folks,

Well it all went very well last night, stuck to meat and some salad, drank water, had a lovely evening and this morning I am still in ketosis and feel fine!!!

Thanks again for the words of advice Munchmarie, Percygreenfingers and Fizzy, I can't tell you how much it helped :thankyou:

Sarah x

week 1 SS = -8lbs :D
week 2 SS = 5lbs :D
week 3 SS = 7lbs :D
week 4 SS = 8lbs :D:D



not so str8 or narrow!!
its a pleasure honey and you have done fab - be very proud of yourself x

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