Needed to see a goal


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Started to loose hope a bit after I had some olive and walnut bread last night (only 2 slices! DAMN YOU TESCOS!.. And I only went in to buy bottled fizzy water :cry::sigh:)

SO.. I spent a rather large amount on a size 8 dress this morning, I'm going to hang it up next to a pic of me now next to my mirror.. and I will keep on it everyday!

Anyone else got any tips to keep me away from my arch nemesis.. Bread??

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That dress will keep you focused every time you look at it! :D

Just don't buy any more bread, don't even go near that area! Lol

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I find online food shopping for the family makes it easier to only buy the things that we really want to have in the house. Avoid any bakeries... it's the smell that lures me in!

Focusing on that goal helps. I have some 'no choice' post-it notes (from ideas in Beck's book) that I've put where the bread lives in our house, and also where the cheese is and the biscuits. Commit to yourself that you really are not going to have any bread and it's easier to stick to. If every time you see bread you go through that decision of 'can I justify just a little bit to myself this time' then it's much harder to stay strong, as you have to keep making lots of small decisions about whether this time you'll eat a little bit /buy some. If you can be really strict and make a concrete decision to yourself it really is much much easier to stick to.

The dress sounds a great idea. I've got a similar size 12 dress hanging up at home that I bought a few years ago, that I know I will wear later this year!
You can do it :)