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Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by et_ftw, 29 March 2008 Social URL.

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  1. et_ftw

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    Not sure how to start this off but it will be long so get yourself comfortable. I will start with my current height / weight as from what I have read loosing weight is different for each individual person, I am roughly just under 6 foot and weigh 19.5 stones.

    I am 19 years old and have had quite a lot of attempts at loosing the weight but although I hate to admit it every time I fail.

    I first put on the weight after stopping smoking and using drugs and have many times considered taking both back up again for the sake of loosing the weight however I would just be replacing one health problem with another.

    I believe ideally I would lose weight better if I could come up with some sort of plan of action which didn't consist of me having to be around other people. I have tried joining the gym on numerous occasions however due to my short temper it didn't work out to well as the slightest snide remark from someone would esculate into quite a huge scene.

    I know people on this forum probably get sick of people asking for advice on how to lose weight as I am aware it is a pretty vague question, but I have gotten to the point I am wondering whether or not I am ever going to get back to normal or not.

    My last attempt at weight loss was actually seeing some good effects, I started trying to play basketball on a regular basis with a friend, however he started fulltime manual labour and a lot of the time is too tired to play anymore, and he is the only one of my friends who enjoys sports and fitness as opposed to using drugs and getting hammered.

    Any suggestions welcome (be as harsh as you want)

    Edit: Something I probably should of mentioned also is I like walking, I have heard this can be a good method of weight loss but dont know if this is true or not?
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  3. Porgeous

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    Hi and welcome!!

    The best suggestion I can make is to have a look around the different forums, there is pretty much one for every different type of diet, from Atkins to Weight Watcher, Slimming World to VLCDs. Post as many questions as you want to help you decide what is best for you.

  4. et_ftw

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    To be honest I dont really know what the difference about all of those diets is or which is more appropriate for different people. I am completely clueless when it comes to weight loss.

    As far as dieting goes I was intending to have meat and vegetables (pork/beef/chicken, carrots, peas, potatoes) every night for tea, and sandwhiches for lunch, I tend to skip on breakfast.

    I didn't think I needed much advice on dieting but if what I described above isn't going to help please say so.

    The main area I think I need advice on is the exercise side, I assume this is my biggest problem due to the fact I spent A LOT of time inside, I have only stepped foot outside once in the past week. The only times I usually bother to go out anymore are when I have classes to attend.
  5. Lyndsey

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    Hi There,

    Here is a little bit of low down on the diets I know a little about.

    Weight watchers - This is based on a points system, whereby you count points in everything you eat. The number of points you are allowed depends upon your height, weight and activity level. There is also a core plan, which means you can eat anything on the 'list' of foods provided.

    Slimming World - this is based on what they call red and green days. red being where you can eat meats/fish/veg/salad in any amount (some veg excluded ie potatoes). Green days are more carb based, so lots of pasta, potatoes etc. You have a a certain amount of syns which can be used on other foods to make up meals each day.

    Both of these sound pretty complex, but once you get your head into it then they can be easy to follow. They both require you to plan your meals to ensure you stay within the points and syn values. One of these may be good for you as you said you want to eat sandwich for lunch and meat and veg for tea which you could do on both of these diets. Also as you say you intend to do some exercise, then weight watchers allows you to build up more points to have if you exercise, so might be a good one for you.

    VLCD - this stands for Very Low Calorie Diets. You may have seen on this forum such diets as Cambridge, Lighter Life and W8, all of these are VLCD and consist of abstenence from food as we know it and is replaced by 3 or 4 food packs a day which you make into shakes or soups. These diets are great if you want to lose weight quickly, but do take a lot of determination as food is off limits. Although some plans like W8 allows for you to have 1 meal a day which consists of meat and green veg.

    Atkins - This is a low carb diet and consists of lots of protein ie meat/eggs/cheese. It consists of 4 phases - check out the following link

    Gi Diet - dont really know much about this one, but there is a forum on here to find out more.

    Hope this has helped a little, but as Porgeous has said, your best bet is to get surfing on the boards and see what you think. There are many more diets on here, which i havent mentioned enjoy browsing each of them to help you decide.

    You have made the most important decision which is to start a diet.......its just deciding which one now.

    Good luck. x
  6. fatbunny

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    slimming world/
    another thing is what can you afford, attending weightwatchers, slimming world, rosemary conley costs per class, the vlcd diets are i think monthly supplies, so if money is tight then calorie counting and regular walking and a weekly weight in at the local chemists scales may be your best plan of action.
  7. LizC

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    Hi, the only diet that works is the one you stick to.
    Porgeous is right, take a look around the diets and see wich one feels like you. There are plenty of diet books around to support the various diets so you could follow them yourself but it sounds as if you will benefit from group support so a slimming club might help. You need to find a group you like and they are all different - if you like the group leader you could find a lot of support.
    Exercise sounds like a key for you. Walking is fine, do it briskly so you can carry out a conversation but are getting quite hot and can feel your circulation moving. Start with whatever you can do but do it at lease five days a week - 10 minutes to start would be fine and then you can work your way up to 30-40 minutes.
    And do have breakfast, saving the calories for later just makes you more hungry. Oats are very filling and if the thought of porage doesn't appeal (!) add some uncooked oats to a regular breakfast cereal.

    Walking is practically to only exercise I like and now I'm doing 30 mins a day it definitely works!
    Good luck with it, LizC
  8. lanarkian

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    hi there, i'm the same age as u, u can add me on msn to chat if you like. my address is [email protected]
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