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Needing to find the happy me !


Happened to stumble across this site in another quest on finding some hope on trying to lose weight, once again !

Mmmmm were do I start ?

From a young age I Lear to comfort eat when my father worked out of my life when I was 10. My weight growing up always had the label of being fat but looking at fotos I really wasn't ! I have a foto on millennium night wearing size 12 oasis top and trousers !

I then moved away from home to b with partner and that's when the problem started. Not knowing anyone I came home from work and comfort ate ! Going to bed with a tube of Pringles as supper !! My relationship with my OH can b fantastic 1 minute and next emotional and whb it is out comes my friend the food ! I just can't seem to help myself !

Then in the end of 2004 was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it seemed overnight I just got big, I was so tired physically and emotional and I think from then I started to become depressed !

Since then have dealt with dealing with an affair that my partner had and the overwhelming need to start my family ! After a couple of years of trying was sent for tests and told I need to lose weight before they do more serious investigations !

Ud think that would b enough motivation but I think the problem I I have very low self esteem and confidence and just don't believe I can and mayb look at my weight as a shield ?

Anyway yesterday I was told by my bf that she is pregnant after just the first go ! I am so sad and upset , happy for her but devastated in the inside !

I need to find the happy me and I think the starting point is losing weight !

I hope this forum is a big as support for me as it is for so many of u !

Omg just realised how long this is, sorry for boring u all lol !

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have you joined any kind of group yet im with slimming world i love it you can eat almost anything.
sorry to hear about your struggle i tried for a baby for 3 years before i had my son i got to the point where i stopped trying i thought i couldn't have children then as soon as i give up i found out i was pregnant.
people make it sound like its so easy to get pregnant you hear of young girls all the time but its not as easy as it sounds.
good luck with your weight loss and welcome to minimins!!


Just keep swimming
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Welcome to the forum! Good luck in the weight loss journey ;)
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Hey there Little Miss Helpful,
Welcome to the forum. :D

I've been trying to lose weight for years, and have recently joined weight watchers and it is so easy! I could definitely recommend the diet. Doesn't really feel like a diet!
Emms x
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Hey there Little Miss Helpful,
How is your week going? :D
I've had quite a good week, a few 'bad' foods (Mcdonalds) but I've counted everything so it should be okay!
Hope you're having a good week...

Emms x
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Hi Little Miss Helpful -Welcome to the site! How are you finding it?
Sounds like you've had some tough times in your life. Think of this as a new step in your life where things get better for you. Atleast you're here and thats the hardest part.

I'm on exante at the moment. I think you need to find what works for you and believe in yourself that this body isn't where you're supposed to be. When i wanted to go rock climbing for my birthday. I said to my OH - people will look at me and laugh. He said - atleast you are there doing it. You should laugh at the people sat on their sofas not doing things they want.

I'm reading "former fat girl" at the moment and although i struggled sometimes with her tone (she seemed condescending) i'm finding it really helpful. She describes ways of dealing with low self esteem and ways to put the focus back on you. I think you'd find it useful.

Good luck! this is a great forum, everyone is really friendly and its nice to know other people have the same worries and concerns, we're among friends!
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Aww, good luck. I'm new on this site too but I've just joined S.W. &, like you, intend to eat healthy & let the new me....out!!! Hey girl, let's go for it!!!
S: 16st7.5lb C: 14st11.5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 1st10lb(10.37%)
We'll do it together girl! Lol! Then we can have a little slip at Crimbo & toast each other with a glass.....of red wine of course ....tee!hee!

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