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Negative Comments

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd make a thread where we could all post the negative comments that, unfortunately, people who struggle with their weight have to face on a daily basis - and where we can all help each other gain some strength in knowing that we are better people than these closed minded and, quite frankly, moronic people!

Today I had a stonker of a comment from a family member (FM); the conversation went like this..

FM: 'So, how much weight have you lost on LL then?'

Me: '13 and a half pounds so far. I'm a bit annoyed though because none of it's come off my legs and one of my goals is to be able to wear a mini skirt!'

FM: 'Are your legs that big then?' (Note I was wearing v. baggy trousers at the time)

Me: (Pulls up bottom half of trousers to show calves) 'They're bigger than I want them to be.'

FM: 'OH. MY. GOD. Your legs are SHOCKING! You look like you have bingo wings on your legs!' (Laughs)

Me: 'Thanks very much!' (Walks outside)

It was only later that the comment sank in and I had a bit of a cry about it. I know it was negative of me in the first place to mention the part of my body that I'm most self conscious about but REALLY. Bingo wing legs is not the nicest comment someone can give you.

Still, I'm over it now due to a chat with my mum (she's the one getting me through LL!) and I'm putting it down to their insecurities. My legs may not be great but they're certainly not 'shocking' - and they certainly wont be once I've finished LL! This in fact just makes me more determined to lose the weight - and when I do, I am going to waltz round to their house wearing the shortest skirt I can find!

So that's been my day today. Not the best, but there have been worse! Feel free to rant away with your own experiences so we can all feel like the superior people we are!!

Bex xx
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Bless you! :hug99:

There was no need for that was there? We all invite negative comments at one time or another, we don't actually want people to agree with us and kick us while down!

Glad you are out the other side and are building your strategy for when you are at the weight/shape you want to be ...... and can dance in front of that FM. LOL :eek:

Today, can't add to any negatve comments as trying to get my head back into positives .... but no doubt will find one soon.

As I write it, I think of one, nothing major but nevertheless.

My FM (mother in law) had my toddler while I went to a meeting for work this morning. When I returned at lunch time she asked if I wanted anything to eat (she does not know I am doing LL), I said no thanks. She made some comment about me
'Not Eating'

OK, not nasty but it was the tone of it and I now seem to of gone from being seen as a fat women to someone with an eating disorder!!!!

Ah Well,

Don't dwell on the bad, you are doing well and who needs negatives

Sam xx:party0011:


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Some of the people "happy" to see me losing weight have said

"Oh it'll all go back on as soon as you start eating normally"

I just climb aboard my high horse (and he is sooooooooooo high at this stage!!) and reply:

"No it won't - in order to gain weight I have to over eat not eat normally" - (DOH?!!! - though I do leave that out - usually!).


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I haven't had any negative comments yet (well, not to my face anyway).


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S: 13st1.0lb G: 9st7lb
Hi Bex

I've made a deliberate decision not to tell my in-laws that I'm doing LL. My mother-in-law is a large lady and always criticises any attempt I've made to lose weight over the years. One of my sister-in-laws lost a lot of weight about 18 months ago, and the other in-laws went into overdrive gossiping how she had lost the weight, they even accused her of taking drugs (behind her back of course).

As you can imagine I can well do without these kind of people whilst I'm doing LL. I have to attend my neice's wedding on 16th August, and I'm hoping to have lost about 2stone by then. Can't wait to hear the comments, negative or not. I've just had to learn to ignore them and remember why I'm doing LL - it's for me and no one else!!!

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