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Negative reaction!


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Hi everyone this is my 2nd time around on lipotrim. I started in Jan 2009 and lost 34lbs in 7 weeks which I was elated about. I kept it off for a year until I decided to give up smoking in Jan this year and naturally have gained some weight. So Im on day 3 of the diet as my eating has got out of control!
I have felt like I need to keep this a secret from all my friends and family as they didnt approve of the diet last time. My friend thinks I should join weightwatchers with her and says the diet is stupid but I feel like I have taken control of my eating my way. Does anyone else have this reaction?
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Well done on keeping it off all that time and then giving up smoking - you will live to be 100!!
Don't listen to any of them - they are just cross they haven't got the will power to stick to such an extreme diet and see the amazing results!
Good luck! xx


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Yeah I have at first. But when the results came through and I was much happier in myself everyone relaxed a bit and stopped thinking I was going to turn anorexic and live off of shakes for the rest of my life!!

I stuck to my guns and so glad I did. Its so much easier with the support behind you but I know that the negative reactions weren't anti-support (if there is such a word!) but merely concern. Also by doing something so drastic my OH felt like he had let me down by not encouraging more healthy eating before.

Only found out a couple of days ago when I showed my OH my before and after photo's and he was shocked as he did not recognise the before person and felt he had let me down. Men like to be able to fix things I guess don't they! And he didn't see that I needing fixing bless him!

Good luck and you'll get loads of support on here!! xx


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totally sympathise!
I previously did LL to loose 10 stone....
Put 5 back on!
I knew the best thing for me to do to regain my control was another VLCD and i'm happy i chose LT. There are some friends and my mother who are 'worried for me' and long term damage. But then there are some friends who pretty much attack me everytime they see me for doing this diet.
But you know what, only YOU control what happens in YOUR life, and that includes smoking, diet, what you wear etc etc. Tell them to mind their own beeswax!!
Good luck x
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yep all my family were like that...still are to a certian extent. my mum dusnt want me talking about it at all and my sister just thinks its silly and ill regain the weight after. my partner and my best friend on the other hand are very supportive he dusnt like the diet mainly cus we cant sit 2getehr and eat as a family but my best fried who is also on this thinks its fab as i do.
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I have had that reaction too - when I started LT last time I'd been on LL years before & all my friends were like, "but, how do you know you won't put it all on again like you did before?" Am annoyed that to an extent I proved them right. Grr. The boyfriend is also ridiculously annoyed about me restarting now & thinks I should do it the "sensible" way. Ultimately, you know what works for you & no one else has to live with your body apart from you :)

Good luck!!



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Thanks for all your positive comments really appreciate it!

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