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Negative Response to Atkins


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I am so enjoying being on this diet. It's a revelation as I've never enjoyed a diet before. I cannot believe I am not hungry or thinking about and craving food and now the weight is falling away it's FAB.

The negatives are from people around me. If I say I'm on the Atkins people immediatley preach how unhealthy it is and a ridiculous diet, I put them straight but it leaves me feeling a bit deflated. I've also had people close to me ignore my weight loss because of this as they say it won't last. I know these opinions are a nonsense but they are taking the wind from sails abit.

Has anybody else had any negative responses from those around them re being on Atkins?
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Quite often you find people with negative comments usually have their own problem they are not willing to deal with and most likely jealous that you are dealing with yours.
They are also likely to say things like, "Oh, you don't need to lose weight you are lovely as you are", "Don't you go getting all skinny on me now". What they really mean is "I wish I could lose weight", "I don't want you to be thinner than me".
Don't let their negativity get you down.

I'm lucky in the fact that my sister, her friend, my husband, my friend, my other friends husband are all on it, it is like an epidemic round here LOL! My sister was the first one and she did get a lot of negative comments when she first did it a few years ago, mainly from our family, but they are over that now, I think they just need to see you eat veg, LOL!

Wait until they see you are losing weight and are healthy with it and they will be asking to borrow your book.


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It is simply that people don't know how the diet works.

I'm sure some people do get jealous, but normally it is
People who mean well, but just listen to all of the hype
And form an opinion that something this good has got
To be bad for you.

I have lost almost 3 stone now and Feel fantastic;
I have more energy that I have had in years
My blood pressure is perfect. My cholesterol is down from
6 to 4.1 and blood sugar is spot on too, and no longer
Obese, I think that about sums it up.

Weight is a personal journey, just tell people that this is a
Choice you have made, so either give you support or keep
Their opinions to themselves, anyway, Good luck on the
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in my circles, Id tell people like that they can bloody well bugger off!

I tell them Im low carbing rather than atkins. I think the horror stories with atkins are all form people who didnt drink enough or eat enough veggies (me included but I do have supplements).

Im losing weight and I havent died yet... so lets stick two fat fingers up at the non believers.


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The worse one for me was a skinny friend of my son. She went on and on about how terrible the diet was, and how the only way to do it was low fat and exercise. I told her that it was a low fat diet that got me where I am now thanks! Everytime she sees me she shakes her head and asks if I am still following that ridiculous diet. I reply 'of course, thats 2 1/2 stone off now' :)

Some, I guess are genuinely concerned. Where they so concerned though when you were ramming cakes, take aways, and enormous amounts of calories down? Where they so concerned that your BMI was dangerously high? Did they implore you to do something about all of that? If the answer is no, then they are just *****ing, and need Chunka's two fat fingers :)
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Has anybody else had any negative responses from those around them re being on Atkins?
Hi, newbie here

I went on the Atkins several years ago and was very successful. :)

Just about everyone I know was negative about the actual diet, my response was always the same 'it can't be worse than my previous diet. i.e: chocolate, crisps, chips, cakes, biscuits, pastry and puddings'. It always seemed to do the trick and shut them up.



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On a positive note, all the people I know are now happy about my diet, now they can see the impact it has had on me they have no other choice :D


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Thanks for all your replies - I think I just had a bad day 'Older Sister and Mother in cahoots!!' All your comments are right and ringtrue so I've taken it all onboard. My husband is really behind me as he knows I'm not suffering and the fridge isn't full of lowfat yogurts and he see's me eating proper food and lots of it. That's what counts - Everyone else can get stuffed [full of high sugar processed rubbish]!

I am really confident with this diet and the support on here is fantastic and it really makes me laugh sometimes. I'm now on here more than Facebook! Thanks for the love in and the group hug. Feel loads better.

Hellraiser - you are an absolute Inspiration.


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I watched a TV show quite a while back about weight watchers and Slimming world type clubs that showed over 90% of people put back on all of their weight plus more.
what programme was that? that sounds really high, id be interested to know more bout it x


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I would point out that we survived as a race for thousands of years living on a natural diet such as this, as Atkins writes in his book you are living off the fat of the land and our ancestors survived very well like that.
laura has it in a nutshell. We didn't start eating carbs until farming started, and in the cycle of time that's only the last few minutes, in the weeks prior to that we were hunter gatherers.

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I think a lot of the negative perception of Atkins is down to the way it is portrayed in the media. I've lost count of the amount of times a TV news report that mentions Atkins or low carb is accompanied by stock footage of a big pile of sausages being dumped into a frying pan. It used to drive me crazy, not least because until very recently you couldn’t have sausages on Atkins! Low carb sossies are a fairly recent invention. It is just the lazy way the media works, they never bother doing any proper research into anything and so myths about it being a really unhealthy way of eating perpetuate.

If anyone questions my diet I just tell them I eat loads more vegetables than I used to when half my plate was filled with carbs, and bet them a million quid that I eat more veg than they do!


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Spot on LM,

I'm the same, I eat more green veggies than my wife and she's a healthy eater.

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