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    Okay so i've had to abandon my previous diary cos I have no idea how to edit things on it as I go along, but big thanks to Beverly75 who replied on it and from what I can see has been doing a fabulous job (well done!)

    Quick update on what I've been doing so far. I officially started CWP 3rd October 2013 and in like two months I lost two stones which made a lot of people scream like 'what are you doing?!', suddenly the tight fit jeans became baggy and clothes I couldn't get into suddenly became my regular was like I got a whole new wardrobe without buying one, my suits became loose especially the skirts where I had to have a safety pin to tuck in the waist otherwise I risked it dropping from my waist. Last time I checked on the scales in 2013 it was reading 87kg....from my starting weight of 106kg:D. I felt better within myself, it was so crazy when a friend of mine sent me a picture of me in 2010 and when I compared it with a picture of me in 2014 it was like totally unrecognizable! Wow!

    Well fast forward the holidays and a couple of bad eating choices:sigh: and I noticed myself creeping up slowly on the scale, I wasn't surprised after all cheesecake isn't diet food [a weekly treat at best, but not an every day food], so I decided to arrest the weight and return to the one diet I know works for me- CWP. Today is Day 6 on the CWP :D and by now I'm sure i'm in ketosis....I'm not ready to pee on a stick to prove it but ah well all I know is that I carry on the plan and let my body figure out the rest.

    So here are my goals
    • I plan on doing CWP SS 100% up until Good Thursday [the Thursday before Good Friday, I don't know if its actually called that] which will be about a month from when I started,
    • Then give myself the Easter break off [with caution],
    • Resume on the Tuesday after Easter Monday and carry on till June.
    • From June I'm gonna start on the maintenance aspect cos I expect that by then I would be a good deal lighter....does that sound random?

    I have finally managed to clear out my fridge and my gas cylinder emptying itself last Tuesday was a clear cut sign I needed to start back on Wednesday:D, no gas means I can't cook which is more efficient than eating out, plus in 'streamlining' my life and pocket I'm giving my usual stores a wide berth, if I can't see it then most likely I can't be tempted. Plus the electricity being out has given me the chance to sort out the fridge without suffering frost bite so that's a plus:). No physical temptation means its all in my head and I just have to chug down the shake, drink water and divert my attention.

    Oh and I'm still undecided on if I want the bars this time around, I think for me it was too much of a good thing, I kinda began eating them as a side dish instead of a main meal, I don't know, if I feel my will power won't hold it up then its best I just stick with le shakes.

    Will put up my progress as I get on in figures and in emotions, whatever it is I will record it for accountability's sake.

    It can only get better!
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  3. neo_soul

    neo_soul Member

    Like I said earlier, today is Day 6. I woke up alright but started feeling a little sluggish on my way in to work, been racking my brains on why I'd be like that as its been 100% on for me, I just figured out that its cos I didn't have the 3rd shake yesterday. Lesson learnt, even if you feel full complete the shakes for the day, skipping on one can affect performance the next day.

    Oh and another thing I've also been considering exercise during the plan, I don't know if its safe to do it but I was going to do things like lifting dumbells and the odd Wii Zumba- has anyone attempted exercise on CWP SS? The last thing I wanna do is damage my health in the process so I don't know if anyone can advise me on this? I didn't during Round 1 and I got results, the reason for wanting to do this this time around is to tone up during the process of weight loss.

    It can only get better!
  4. neo_soul

    neo_soul Member

    Oh my days! What is it about Day 6? Is it like Day 3 reloaded?! Well temptation has been rearing it's ugly head, I had to talk to someone who advised I better carry on and not knock myself out of ketosis. Yes eating that *name your temptation* may feel good for like the first five minutes but the post temptation guilt sucks and your conscience literally hands you a belt to beat yourself over with. I think drinking water had taken the edge of it so I'm not in manic I gotta eat it mode, what has also helped is the fact that I've cleared out temptation and unless I'm willing to go out and get it I'd better stay put.
    I think I will now go and write 50 reasons why I'm doing this, I've got 24 more days till my scheduled break so no point in messing it up till then. Messages to add a little pep in my step would be awesome if anyone is reading this.

    It can only get better
  5. neo_soul

    neo_soul Member

    Day 7!!! I made it and I didn't go bonkers yesterday! Well I think the water really did take the edge of my crazy cravings and talking to my friend who actually introduced me to this process really helped, it took me out of my head space and put things in perspective for me. However esterday I was at the point of dozing....actually I had dozed when I remembered I hadn't had meal 3 and because I didn't want to feel weak in the morning I woke up and had it....probably the lumpiest fruits of the forest shake I'd ever made. I slept off like a baby [power's still out so I guess that helped].
    This morning, awake, alive and thankful, though an early start I got kinda a pep in my step, I don't know what it is, but I feel better and dare I say it lighter? I can't wait to post up my updated figures tomorrow, although today is technically day 7, I figure I'll just post them up every Wednesday.
    Long busy day so far not had my second shake, I better get to it even though its a bit past lunch.

    It can only get better
  6. neo_soul

    neo_soul Member

    Well here I am, Day 8 and I'm feeling pretty good all over, today's dress fits a little better. Well as promised, here are my figures, I will post them in lbs as I think its the standard here

    19/03---> 95kg
    26/03---> 87kg (a difference of 8kg or 176lbs)

    I'm literally doing a double take on the scale cos for a repeat first week its bananas! I think I will have to go redo it on the scale when I get home cos I'm still trying to wrap my head around it! I was expecting to hit a solid 90 but to go 3 under? That's amazing!, I will have to step on the Wii tonight providing there is power so I can be more precise but still I won't complain if its finally higher or even lower, either way I am not the same me that restarted this journey. I feel lighter in myself, a dress I'm wearing right now feels even better and my conscience and I are best buddies food wise, what a difference a week can make?
    Usually I know week 2 losses and all may not hit this but hey we're moving in the right direction isn't it?
    Well I raise my Strawberry shake to you, whether you're on day 8 like me, or day 1 or day 500, keep pressing, lets keep at it, even if you fall we rise and press on

    It can only get better!
  7. neo_soul

    neo_soul Member

    Ah soon to hit double digit days....always a good thing right? Don't worry soon I won't be obsessing over every single day, gradually its becoming a part of me so I'm glad to be back in the flow, usually working out what to eat was a mission for me, now my biggest food drama is Butterscotch or Toffee & Walnut? Life feels so much simpler. Also I'm starting to understand that life is much more about food, about temporary pleasures, sometimes you need to deny yourself today so you can enjoy tomorrow.....sometimes. On this journey I guess it helps that I focus on each day, days build up to weeks, weeks into months, months roll into years and before you know its like yeah I've beat this. I don't think there will ever be a day where I'm not conscious of what goes into me whether food or knowledge, cos its when you feel you've mastered it that you can fall....
    Okay that's enough of the zen mode for now. I think I am in need of fibre.....won't go into details. Time to call up my CC and find out how to make that happen.

    Cheers to successful days ahead, it can only get better!

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