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Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet: Pig to Twig!


Guess who's back...?
Hi everyone-

Just wondered if there was anyone on here following this diet? It is a low carb based diet, written by two incredibly down to earth, witty women.

I have just ordered my book (and the associated cookbook) online, and it will be arriving tomorrow. I hadn't heard of it before, but I've been away at a training day and the trainer lady has been following it and has lost masses of weight and feels amazing... she couldn't recommend it highly enough!

Anyway - I have been onto the website and joined their forum (there are thousands of people on there), so I thought maybe there were a few on here too...? As a miniminer, I'd prefer to log my journey on here (due to start on Monday 16th once I have absorbed the book)...

Get in touch if you are doing this diet, or would like to do it and be my diet buddy! :D

Anna xx
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Guess who's back...?
Hi! My book arrived today - it is hilarious!!! I am really excited about starting... going to have a good read through and clear out my house a bit first... it's not that full of food, but I did a big shop that needs eating (fresh fruit/veggies etc) first. Honestly, from the bits I have read so far, I would recommend buying it if only for a giggle - it is SO true!! Haha.

(In fact, it's only about £4 on Amazon, so you really should!)

I will let you know how I get on. From what I can gather, as an ex-Atkins-er, it is similar, but a little more human. N and I aren't scientists or dieticians, they are ladies that like a drink, like food and aren't about to let a diet completely take over their lives.

I'll keep you posted!!

Anna xx
I am trusting you, lovely Anna and have just ordered both books from Amazon. I have been low carbing for a few weeks now, fancy being my diet buddy on this one?
I'll have to go and find that anna, sounds interesting, good luck and keep us posted please.


Happy to be slim at last
I would also be interested to see how you both get on, as planning to low carb after completing my 12 weeks of VLCD/Low Carb combination.


Guess who's back...?
Cool - no probs Sarah_P! Just keep an eye on this thread :) There is also a forum on their Pig to Twig website, with many more people nattering about how they are getting on. I too have just finished five months on a VLCD (LL), so I will happily be your guinea pig to let you know if it works as a transition or not. :)

Anna x

CALLING PEACHY!! Are you still on for this? Any joy finding the book? I have just read a bit on page 37 that recommends getting a diet buddy (CHECK!).. so hopefully you're still keen :)
Message me later, let me know if and when you are planning to start. x
I've just ordered the book. Instead of having a buddy- I'm no good at pm'ing- Why don't you keep this thread running with tips, ideas and successes?


Guess who's back...?
Oh yeah, I def will stay on here (minimins was my lifeline during LL)... but would be good if a few of us were 'active' on here, so I'm not just essentially blogging. If the three of us end up doing it (well, I def am - but you and Peachy1982)... we could add each other on bookface and have this thread - that way we will always be able to moan at each other if needs be... :)

Been reading more of the book today - I am quite sure it was written about me, from my perspective (you may find this too)... enjoy!

A x
Yep sounds good to me :)

I'm going to be a bit behind you guys though- you know what royal mail is like . Its gonna take me a couple of days to read it over properly, but I'm certainly up for it :)
Hey guys,
Just had the books delivered so will be reading them this weekend hopefully.
Will be back on here Monday to update you on my thoughts
Have a fab weekend oh yes and add me on Facebook or bebo if you have either.
Can someone post a link to the pig to twig website. I've tried to google it but all I keep getting is adverts for porn which seems a little strange! Is it naked pigs? twigs? *worried*


Alway see the love x
Oh my head!!! Thats all I have to say on this matter. Oh and apart from

SSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! No shouting or loud laughing plz.Ty

Sore Woof X

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