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Nervous about losing too quick

13lb gone in 2 weeks. I haven't got much to lose, really... I don't want to be skinny as I'm not naturally skinny. Ten and a half stone as a goal will do nicely.
I'm scared of going saggy. I've already noticeably deflated. Do you think LT is for me, or should I be doing something else?

I'm 47, not quite as elasticated as I used to be, if you get my drift...:(
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I will do this!!!
Iv got at least 7 stone to lose so i know im going to get a little saggy but i know what id rather....id rather be thin and cover a little saggy skin with nice clothes rather than be fat in horrible clothes!!!
I don't want empty skin... it wouldn't happen if I lost weight slowly, I think that's why I've had the odd 'nibble', tbh...

LT is doing exactly what it says on the tin and I know how it works and I can do it, I'm just wondering if I'm going to regret it...:(
I think you need to have an in-depth talk to the professional who is looking after you (GP or Chemist)
You have had worries and queries all along, (not a criticism, just an observation)
If you're not completely comfortable with the programme, go and ask for their advice, they are trained to guide you.
I really hope you find the answers you need. All the luck in the world to you.xx
Thanks Cathy, you're right, I have. I'm loving that I've lost the weight, maybe I'm just being over cautious.:eek:
It's fine to be cautious, maybe just do another week and then try Maintainance for a week, gradually leading into a healthy way of eating that you could sustain?
That way, it would slow down and reduce the chances of the dreaded "Festoon blind effect" (this is what my belly, thighs and bum may end up looking like!!! :doh::eek:
hi zayna, why not try swimming alomgside LT thats the best all round exercise and will help tone you up, just a thought.



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Good advice from Fragglerock...exercise to tone (swimming is fab). Use some bio oil and drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. I lost 3 stones quickly (I'm 38) and the skin is fine. I didn't get any sagging at all. I think if you've got lots to lose then you are more likely to get saggy skin, but not the 25lbs you wanted to lose...its not even 2 stones hun.


I will do this!!!
I go to a deep water aquacise class at my local pool every friday and im already feeling my flabby tummy tighten. Its a great exercise and its fun!
Thanks for being so understanding guys... I feel better today, much more positive. I want to carry on and lose more. Thanks. Just had a bit of a wobble... :eek:


a new way of living!
i have been doing pilates and have no lose skin from my 26lbs loss so far. none at all.
you only have a bit to lose, so I wouldn't worry. I also use clarins body shaper cream too. its expensive but lasts ages.

regular gentle exercise, hydrated skin, lots of water, and you will be just fine.

oh by the way, aldi do a bust cream for 3.99 or 4.99 with loads of the goodies you see in the more expensive creams, working for me.

my bust has stayed uphill so far!
my bust has stayed uphill so far!
Mine ain't suddenly going to start defying gravity even if I cleared Aldi's shelves of their miracle bust cream... I'd be better off with a block and tackle... :D


a new way of living!
Mine ain't suddenly going to start defying gravity even if I cleared Aldi's shelves of their miracle bust cream... I'd be better off with a block and tackle... :D

I used to do a lot of martial arts and weight lifting, great for ermm lifting areas!

get bench pressing - or do push ups, they will pop back up again!

Good Lord, why didn't I think of that? I've got some dumbells at the back of the wardrobe, I used to LOVE weight training, I was fab at it, love doing my back and shoulders.... I shall dig them out this evening. :D

When I used to go in the gym, someone once told me I have such strength in my upper body that I should have been a powerlifter... :eek:

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