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Nervous CDC


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I've just had my first lot of stock in and tomorrow I have my first ever appointments set up and I am terrified of messing it up!

Things have moved so much quicker than I expected and I am a little inundated. I haven't really mentioned how new I am incase this puts people off - tell me I won't mess up :cry:
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Cambridge Counsellor
I am sure that you wont mess up - you are posting this on here, so you obviously care about what you are doing. Just be yourself and I'm sure that you will be fine.

Having said that, hopefully I will become a CDC myself very shortly (training next weds!) and prior to my first appointments I will probably be one here saying exactly the same thing myself!!

Let us know how it all goes.



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Best of luck Miss-Peggy!

You have done great and a lot to be proud of and just be yourself.

Your client is more lightly to be feeling insecure and apprehensive and will be focused on them self wondering will it work and will they lose their weight.

A friendly smile and welcome will put them at ease and sharing your weight loss journey with them will give them the confidence that it can be done.

Love Mini xxx


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I've just had my first lot of stock in and tomorrow I have my first ever appointments set up and I am terrified of messing it up!

Things have moved so much quicker than I expected and I am a little inundated. I haven't really mentioned how new I am incase this puts people off - tell me I won't mess up :cry:
WOO HOO !!! way to go Miss Piggy :D

you'll be fine.....doesn't take long to get into your stride...and you KNOW exactly what you're talking about - cos you've done it !!


lotsa love

Good luck and I'm sure you'll do great - you've done the diet, you've done the training, now all you have to do is be friendly to your client and put him / her at ease :)

Another way to look at it - as you've just done the training / modules everything will be fresh in your mind and you're obviously conscientious (hence this post) so you will probably offer a FANTASTIC service and your client will be lucky to have you


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good luck miss piggy

Im sure you will be fine, you've passed your training etc so you know your good enough for the job, im sure once you get your first client out the way you will wonder why you worried so much :D


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Try doing a "practise" talk on a member of the family so you know what order you are going to say things in. Have prompt cards going through each stage infront of you if you feel you'll dry up - but don't be afraid to tell them you are new ..... the proof is you've done the diet successfully which is what they want to do! Plus point them to on here!!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be great.
Hiya, I had my first "proper" client (i.e. not a family member or friend like the others!) on Wednesday. I was so nervous, but she was more apprehensive than I was, and it went really well. Pace yourself, and do not rush and you will be absolutely fine !!!
Good luck


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Good luck you will be fine!! Its true if you remember when you first contacted your counsellor that there going to be more nervous than you!! Sarahxx.


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don't worry, you'll be fine. after years of presenting to people I agree with others that the most important thing is being prepared so know what you want to do and say and in what order and then you'll be able to just follow the rhythm. they'll love you and believe me they'll be more nervous than you - remember your first visit to your CDC! all that I wanted to see someone who smiled, understood and didn't faint when they saw my weight :)


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Oh Missy P don't be nervous! After losing 74lb you should be MEGA confident and you will look so fab your new clients will be bowled over nervous or not! :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Ditto to all of the above! Plus, when that doorbell rings, take a deep breath, and act like you've been doing this for a-g-e-s!!!!! I agree with Beverley, have a few bullet points written down to prompt you if you think you may forget something. I used to do that right at the start too! I work totally different now, but you'll get into your own routine very soon, and how you do things to suit you.
Good luck! It's nervous and exciting at the same time! You'll be just fabulous! Enjoy it!


Cambridge Counsellor
So how's it going?

I remember my first few appointments. I'd get through them and without fail have to ring the person afterwards say 'sorry, but I forgot to tell you ....'

But you have done the diet. So you do know what you're talking about.

You'll be fine.
Helloooo - well....how'd it go ??? do tell !!

I'm sure you were great :)


Howditgo saw Tracey this morning up to about 12 clients already and loving it.

Has your CDC let you sit in on her counselling sessions, hope so this really helps.

I have sent this thread to Tracey.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well, I have 3 happy people. Whilst I was nervous I explained to them that I was new and they were fine. Feel like an old pro now, lol.

Tracey e-mailed me yesterday, she is doing really well! I haven't sat in on any counselling sessions, my sponsor wasn't keen :( I'm now upto 12 people booked in and another 4 possibles, so getting there.

PMK, I'm based in Glasgow City Centre, where abouts are you?

Thanks everyone for you good luck vibes, they must have worked!!
Glad Tracey got in contact with you. Have another word with your sponsor you should be allowed to sit in as on the job learning providing the clients are agreeable.

Tracey came to one of our sessions I feel it is so important to help build confidence and experience.


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