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Nervous Newbie to WW!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Hi all,

Have done SW for the last 8 years(!) but as much as I love it, it's no longer working so I'm joining WW on Thursday.

I'm VERY nervous about being hungry as I know everything has points & once you run out that's IT and I'm stumped as to what to eat for brekkie (out of the habit of cereal due to SW and it never really filled me up anyway!)

Anyway, got to give it a go not that anything will help me between now & my wedding in 4.5 weeks!

Must redo my sig too - maybe tomorrow.

Claire xx
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Good luck! I've tried other diets, but I've found WW to be by far the best one. If you plan what you're going to eat and split your points well, you'll never be hungry, that's the great thing about it. My trick when I'm peckish (and I know it's a lot of other WWers trick too) is to have sugar free jelly always ready and made in the fridge, it's no points!! Hope you get on well! x


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good luck!!
I don't find that I am hungry on WW as long as I plan my meals ahead, the sf jelly trick is good, you can also make a big pot of 0 point soup and have a bowl of that between meals if you get hungry! :)

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Thanks all, I'll make up some SF jelly tonight ready for my start on Thursday!
I think I might end up with a WW ready meal for brekkie to a) know what points it is and b) to fill me up!

Whats with the forum at the moment? Every time I login I have to go through the forgotten password system and then it tells me when I change the password that it doesn't match?!

Anyway, last day before I start - will try not to go too mad!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!

I have porridge for brekkie and it really fills me till dinner time :D Im very rarely hungry and if i am its because i have been sooooo busy i've forgotten to eat!!


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I have porridge for breakfast too! 30g with 180ml skimmed milk is 2 points. I add 100g of frozen cherries to mine too, so mine is 2.5points. If I know I'm going to be busy I have a slice of frylight 'fried' bread with it too. I use the butter style one with the hovis wholesome and nutty (1.5 points a slice). It just takes away the dryness of just plain toast and you don't get the points from marg.
Hi Fallen angel! I'm new and nervous so I know how you feel! I'm sure you will do great and how exciting about the big day only being 4 weeks away!!

If you need any help (not that I'm saying i'll be any good) don't hesitate to ask!! :D

Good luck!!


Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Hi, well that's one problem - I don't like porridge! My OH eats it regularly but I just couldn't stomach it. I used to eat pudding rice mixed with yoghurt on SW but I think it would be too high in points for WW - same too for my cooked brekkies - baked beans & fried egg. I've bought a WW quiche today which I'll have half for brekkie Friday with some mushrooms (2.5)

My colleague at work joined WW yesterday so at least we'll do it kinda together (until I leave as I'm a temp) but she was hungry all day :(

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Well joined tonight but it was a stand-in consultant so there was no new members talk or class (4.5lbs heavier than I thought I was too ! :( ) I've been left with the folder to look through but I'm stumped to plan for the weekend :( I think it'll just be salads for lunch & dinner every day until I get my head around it!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I'm confused!
Although I'm allowed 25 points do I have to stick to 22 for the first week?

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Ah thanks - the folder seems to indicate for the Fast Start you stick to the basic limit! Ta :D


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Ah thanks - the folder seems to indicate for the Fast Start you stick to the basic limit! Ta :D
IMO the 'Fast Start' is a load of poop. You'll learn from everyone else here that we don't always have our daily amount. Some days you'll be a few under and some days you'll be dead on. That's just the same thing as fast start is, when you add up uneaten points over the week.

Of course, it recommends you do eat those points, but I say start as you mean to go on. You need to eat yourself slim and it isn't entirely necessary to have 21 less points in a week- that's nearly a whole flippin' day's worth!


I ♥ CD !!

hi welcome aboard good luck with your weightloss journey

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Brill thanks :) I'm guessing I'll be so careful about what i'm eating that I'll be under most days (except tomorrow - my first day and I'm out to dinner!)


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Well if you do go a bit mad remember you can go under your points over the next few days to make up for it. That is just the same as saving up over the course of the week and using spare points at the end. Just have to make sure you stick to them religiously! It's harder to do it in reverse sometimes. :)


plodding away
Welcome and good luck with the plan. An as ex swer myself I know it can be a tad strange coming over to ww but you wont regret it.
I eat all my points and am never hungry - I dont do hungry very well so I make sure I eat loads.

Have a great first week

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Thanks all - vanda - that's my trouble - I don't do being hungry AT ALL! lol
I'll be ok for the first few days as long as I've planned ok, but I've no idea what to cook for my OH on Saturday (and he's got to learn a whole new diet too!) or what to do when we're at my FIL's on Sunday!


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I love omelette's for breakie when i want to be fuller for longer.......one egg 1.5pts and as many egg whites as you want, toms 2 slices of ham chopped up 0.5pts and some onion.

a filling breakie for 2pts.

welcome to ww x

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