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Nervous Newbie

:wave_cry: Hi, I am starting CD this coming weekend and seeing the CDC this evening at 8pm. Spoke to her on the phone last night and had a good chat about things, I said that the thing I am nervous about is finding out my weight but she said if I want, I dont have to know my weight tonight but she could tell me what I started at when I have lost my first stone... so might take her up on that offer!

I'm the sort of person who worries about everything and I am really looking forward to getting started but I'm so scared of side effects, fainting, etc... can anyone tell me what I am likely to expect please? I plan on doing Sole Source

thank you
J xx
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hello and welcome j .im pretty new myself so cant really answer any questions,but im sure all will become clear wfter you see your counsellor.good luck.x
Good luck. I started today and so far ive just been starving since i had my porridge this morning. Hoping this will pass in a few days. Will just be going to bed early at nite


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Welcome to minimis and the best diet ever :D

As long as you stick to the diet properly = Having all your packs and drinking enough water you will be fine!
You may get a slight headache around day 3ish but its really nothing to worry about. in fact after day 4 i tend to feel on top of the world and really happy. So all good things to come including the weight loss.

Good Luck Chick!
Hi, good luck... I started yesterday.

Finding the soups and porridge a bit hard to take..... does anyone use the made up shakes - are these any better and can they be used on the 1st week and have read about the mix-a-mousse - is this any good??

Have just had the Spicy tom soup and this was actually ok, but cannot live just on spicy tom soup :-(

Thanks in advance


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good luck with your weight loss journey, I'm sure you will do wonderfully. My advice, keep your shakes well spaced through the day, drink lots of water and black coffee/peppermint tea etc.
Hiya,first of all there are a lot of uneducated sceptics out there about cambridge who fill you with horror stories,yet luckily most of these are a few unlucky cases from what I gather me ,please feel free to correct me anyone out there who knows different.
Yes I have heard of some hair loss and gall bladder complaints,even on this forum,but like most people I was fortunate not to experience it.
Admittedly I feel dog tired after a couple of days in and sleep like the dead,get a furry mouth, suffer a bit of constipation(which is easily rectified-excuse the pun with cd fibre supplement) and initially experience a few hunger pangs whilst adjusting. Occassionally have experienced being light headed,but couldn't swear it was the diet.

However the positive side effects are very real: restored self-esteem,quick weight loss that keeps you motivated, excitement when weigh day approaches and you slim back into old clothes,you soon develop a spring in your step and basically life begins to feel a lot better
I am sure we all know the old eat less,exercise more and lose a steady 2lb a week until goal,but guess we have all tried that and know sadly it doesn't work for us,this was my last try at dieting before thinking about a band last year and it worked and will work again,alot of us go on vcl diets out of desperation,yet after trying one realise that this is the only way for us- plus much safer than a band.

As the pounds roll away so will the worry .
Good luck and be happy x
Hello and welcome. I started yesterday and have to say the shakes taste delicious. I felt very hungry last night but drinking water helps, day 2 today and I feel great. Please don't be nervous, you will get so much help, advice and guidance from this site, everybody has been really helpfull and supportive. x
Thanks so much for all your replies and yes its so true, Ive heard it all, "Why can't you just eat healthily and exercise"....hmm, if it was that simple we'd all be thin wouldn't we! So I'm with you on that one!! :rolleyes:

Ive read the horror stories and heard about people having gallbladder problems, luckily (?) for me, this shouldnt be a problem as I had my gallbladder removed nearly three years ago - it stopped functioning, most prob due to the appalling diet I was on at the time.

However during the period in 2007 when I was ill, I lost a lot of weight going from 21 stone to about 15st 5lbs, this was because I was very poorly and couldnt eat due to the pain I was in, had my gallbladder removed Nov 2007, made a full recovery and unfortunatley over the 3 years since I have put a lot of weight back on again :jelous: I think I'm currently about 19 stone (urgh makes me feel ashamed just to type that) .Feel so ashamed of myself because I loved my new slimmer figure but of course the weight crept back on.

I've tried SW and WW with limited success and find that whilst on these plans I think constantly about food, take ages to figure out what food to buy that week and then it all goes wrong. So im hoping that the CD will enable to me take my mind off food planning and that i will be able to fill my evenings up with non food related things!!

good luck to everyone else who has just started xxxxx
Dear Bridetobe...

I agree I have tried EVERYTHING. Even had gastric band that has not worked... I think that having to think about what to eat is a big issue in struggling with my weight. I am on day two and although I am feeling hungry at times, I love not having to think about what and how much to eat. So far I feel okay, but will see what the coming days have in store.

Curious with others think... I know what I should be eating. My problem is that I eat when bored, sad, happy and probably for reasons I don't even realise... I was offered a consultation with a dietician by my GP. I really don't think I would benefit from it. Aside from the fact that I am currently doing Cambridge that is and plan on sticking with it. Have other people struggled because they are unsure of what to eat or becuase of other issues. I keep thinking I wanted to lose weight sooo badly for such a long time, why haven't I just been able to do it? Perplexing!
Well I decided to get started a bit sooner..

Yesterday was a bit of a rubbish day, my OH found out that he is going to be out of a job soon..well, November, this was a huge shock to both of us since he is run off his feet at work so is obviously needed.. it's come at a bad time because we were moving flats next month as our landlord is selling the one we currently live in, so we are hoping OH gets a new job lined up before the sale happens (which thankfully hasnt as theres not been much interest in the flat we're in!) . Also as you may have worked out from my username we're engaged to be married next year, was supposed to be May but we now need to put that on the backburner until OH job situation is secure and can carry on saving for the wedding. Awww well :cry:that is life!!!!

Anywho.. I was due to see the CDC last night at 8pm with the view to start the plan on Saturday but I got out of work last night and thought it's now or never, went straight to see her and have started this morning! :) My initial thought about the CD when OH found out about his job was 'nope, we can't afford it now' but I thought well it isnt going to cost any more per week than my food and snacks do at the moment and really im so depressed about my weight that I HAD to do this.

So. I'm starting with Sole Source Plus. Porridge for breakfast - apple and cinnamon... really quite liked it!! Chicken and mush soup for lunch which was OK too. I am feeling positive so far. Must get more water down me though.

My philosophy is that we may be in for a rough few months while OH looks for another job.. if I can have this to focus on for myself (is that selfish?) then it will only make me feel better about things and more able to cope with what life is throwing at us. And regardless of his job situation, I am so down about the thought of Christmas round the corner, I hate it at the best of times but just contemplating having to get a big sparkly tent top from Evans to wear over the festive period is to depressing for words :cry: So.. this has to be done!

Hope all you new starters are doing ok
Julia xxxxxxxxx
Hey Julia, I'm a bride to be as well for next year - hopefully you won't be delayed for too long :) sorry to hear about your OH losing his job.

Water really does help. Some people get the half litre bottles and set themselves goals to have them by certain times of the day which I think helps them.

If you're ever worried about being dizzy or light headed just carry a tetra around with you. I have one in my bed side table and in my bag at all times :) If you did go dizzy or start to faint then the sugar from the milk in it will revive you!

Know what you mean about the festive season - good incentive to get the pounds down. If you haven't tried the choc tetra I can recommend it and the choc mint shake made with hot water is lovely. I heard once that warm liquid makes you feel full, so I always have mine warm. Not sure if it's true, but it works with me psychologically now!!!
Hi Julia,

Just wanted to "pop in" and say hellooo :wave_cry: Im a newbie too, i havent actually started the plan yet (not until 12th Sept) but i cant wait to get started. Hows the plan working for you?

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