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Nervous of the next few weeks...


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I have been on SS+ for 8 weeks now and will be on WI No. 9 tomorrow..

The thing is that I go away in 8 days to the states (the food!!!!) so my CDC suggested I move to 1200kcals for my holiday with a week at 810 before hand (so that will start this Friday)...

Now I think i should be excited but I am scared - one that my head will ruin it and I will turn into some carb eating monster or 2 that i will ruin my OH's holiday by refusing to eat anything for fear of the above!!

Also prior to this i LOVED tea (milk, 1 sweetener) that is what I found hard leaving behind (now I barely manage 1/2 cup of black coffee)

I know in 810 I can have milk and I would LOVE a cup of tea (no sweetener) but I dont want withdrawal symptoms again when I come back ... :confused:

Its late so I am wondering if I am freaking out for nothing!
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Nope. I think we all freak out over similar things at some point during CD. If you stay on the plans you'll be fine and won't turn into a carb eating monster! The carbs are small portions on 1000. I mean it's loads after so little but you'll be fine xxx
Hi, I am on SS and have a little skimmed milk every day. I know this isn't strictly CD, but as SS+ can be 4 shakes and 200ml skimmed milk I don't understand why I can't have a little milk on SS, so I do!

My CDC is happy with this and I honestly don't think it has affected my weight loss / ketosis one iota. I probably don't have as much as 200ml per day as I don't drink tea so only have it with a few cups of coffees per day.

Talk to your CDC and see what she thinks.

I hope I haven't done anything wrong by posting about my little tweak on the 100% board...;)


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I know how you feel Keira. I am going away in a weeks time and I am still on SS / SS+. I am being advised to move up the plans now and introduce carbs but I am absolutely terrified. A) becasue this holiday is the reason I dieted in the first place and cant afford to put weight ON at this late stage and B) I have spent a fortune on new clothes which I want to fit me when I am there!!!!

I just dont know what to do!!!
I am also worried about moving up the plans, I only have 7lb left to go now, and was going to 810 it all the way, but I am feeling I have maybe lost enough as I am a size 8 on top if I dont get a fitted shirt and a size 10 on the bottom, but haven't quite reached my healthy BMI... can you believe. I want to join the gym but am totally out of energy all the time and so have decided today to move up the plans and join the gym and maybe tone up a bit instead of losing more weight (it is only my tummy that is out of proportion with my body but after 10 children and 3 caesereans its hardly surprising). So I am supposed to be having 1000 calories today, but I am really scared I will put on weight and I really dont want to weigh more.... and what happens when it is time to move up to 1200.... it is a very scary time, because it is all unknown how it will affect us. Hope you both have great holidays, I am going away last week of July.
I went to the States (New York) a few years ago & managed to lose weight!:eek: I wasn't on the CD, but just eating sensibly. We walked just about every where and I made use of the hotel gym every morning. I was even drinking beer most nights.
Don't worry too much, and remember restaurants & cafes in the US are very flexible with what they serve. Dressings on the side ect. Try to customise the meal to suit YOU.
Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday.:)

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