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Determination is Key
I have a year old husky *****. And she's a ***** in both senses of the word haha.
If she wasn't half so cute and loved, I'd have packed her bags ages ago lol when she was 10 weeks old she ate my new kitchen units :sigh:

So next week we're getting a pom *****. Fingers crossed they get on!!

Any tips?

Here's my Mischka

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Determination is Key
LOL didn't know bit*h would be starred out!
My boyfriend has a husky. And when you mentioned about packing her bags, i related completely. Ohmygod, Huskys are ALL pain is the arses..:S

As for the other dog you're getting, wow. good luck.
If shes okay with other dogs, then im sure there will be no..huge problems. She might act up a little at first, but im sure they'll be playing in no time.



Determination is Key
She's very...energetic to say the least. When she meets up with other dogs she tends to drive them nuts, jumping up and around them, looking for attention. She's all, "love me, love me" and they're like, "get away you rude little pup" :D


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She is stunning! The only tip I'd have is to introduce the pom's scent to her first (i.e take her sleeping blanket and let your husky sniff it). Good luck x
oh my god what a lovely pup u have!!
so pretty.
how did ur new dog get on with ur husky? xxxx


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Gorgeous husky!
OMG she's so cute!
Oooh I wanna cuddle her, she's gorgeous!

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