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New and Depressed

Hi All,

After being given this forum address I thought I would give it a go !

I'm currently 7 stone overweight and am getting more and more depressed as the days go on ! I was a SW member about 4 years ago and lost 5 1/2 stone to my amazement and I was so proud of myself not to mention it was two fingers up to my dad who always told me not to go to the beach cos the japanese harpoonists might mistake me for a whale !! Nice Huh !

Slowly over time I've put on that weightloss and a hell of a lot more - I'm embarrassed to say how much i weigh !

I'm supposed to be getting married next year and I'm finding every excuse to put the wedding back - my other half thinks i don't want to get married to him - its not that I do want to get married so badly but I just don't want him to see me as a blimp in a white dress on my wedding day !!

God I'm so down - this is ridiculous - anyway ..... I've decided to give slimming world a go again - only thing is cooking when I get in - I don't get home much before 7.30pm and would love some help and / or advice to guide me through this really crappy patch !

If anyone can help I know i'll find them on this forum .....

Bright Blessings

Mrs Hud
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Hi welcome to minis.....Why not do some batch cooking and have some meals in the freezer ready to use....if you plan ahead a little this may help.

I have done SW in the past and used to cook sin free casseroles and split them into containers and just heat them up as I wanted.

Good luck, I'm sure some others will be along soon to add some more advice..
Hiya starting is the hardest part so well done stock upon loads of thinks that you like that are qiuck i like the easy cook risotto, packs of microwave rice some of the tinned curries etc are free if your in a rush i also bung stuff in my slow cooker in the morning and its ready when i get back home. Plan your meals if you can so you have exactly wht you need there are some nice recipes in this months mag xx all the best


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Hiya Mrs Hudd,

:welcome: to minimins, I know exactly what you are going through. I got up to 20stone and after yo yo dieting for the last 15 years finally decided to join SW. I was depressed, tired all the time and wore frumpy clothes because I fitted in nothing else. I Joined SW in May and have not looked back. I have now lost 4stone and have a further 6stone to go. I also am engaged to be married and I wont get married till I get to my target weight. If you need any help at all give us a yell and good luck. There is also a sticky at the top of the SW page with some good recipe ideas but here is the link any way:


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Hiya Mrs Hud,

Welcome to Minimins, you are right that you will always get the help and support you need here with us!
I felt like you last week, when I started SW again for the umpteenth time, but as soon as you get back on the plan and start to feel more energy and know that you are filling yourself up on lots of free food that you know is good for you, and that you know is going to slim you down, you will soon start to feel better and more motivated....of all my SW attempts this is the most motivated that I have felt....I am loving it this time, and I am sure you will too.....
I always find that buying the SW mag motivates me a lot and has great ideas! I agree with the previous posters about the syn free tinned things you can buy and pouches of rice, batchelors pasta meals, and the frozen meals to pop in the oven/microwave when you get in.....then you can just chill out, eat a banana or something while you wait then have your meal...I too get a bit despondent about having to start chopping when I get in at night, but so far this week I have done just that and its all going good.
I am engaged too, and will not consider a wedding until I am at target weight and it is one of my biggest motivators at the moment as meant to be getting married next year, but i do not want to look back in years to come and cringe at the photos....
I can also relate to the dad comments that you have made....i know that my dad thinks i am a heifer at the moment, and have been for a while, and i do think to myself, when i am thin it will be like a poke in the eye for him, and i will remind him and a few others that just cos i am thinner, i am still the same person!! grrrrrr.......
Anyway, don't wanna waffle too much, but please please please know that we have all been where you are now, and you can do it!! Anytime you feel low about it or need to chat to anyone, come on here....we can all do it together, then next year post our wedding photos in which we will be GORGEOUS!!!!!

Thanks everyone for your kind words of guidance and advice - I had a rubbish day yesterday and have woken up this morning more determined than ever - I had a good :cry: last night with my other half (who kept saying to me I love you as you are) and he stood there wobbled his non-existant belly in his hands and said one in - all in - which I might add made me cry more !!! He's said that he could do with shifting a couple of pounds so we'll do it together - it was then that I realised why I was marrying him !!! Soppy I know but he really is something special !

So I'd just like to say to all of you thank you and good luck to everyone on their individual journeys - hope we all meet at the end of the road with big happy smiles on our faces !

Thanks again ladies and gents - my weigh in is on Sunday so i'll let you all know what the results are !!

Lots of love and :hug99:

Mrs Hud

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