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New and just confused

Hi all - I am on day 4 of xenical and so far have been good and no side affects. However I think I may be eating too many calories and not enough fat as first 3 days only had approx 20g fat and about 1700 calories. I quit smoking 3 years ago next week and gained about 3 stone. I weight 14stone 6lb at doctors (although my scales say 3 lb more) and I like a lot of others hate going out, hate buying clothes, hate cameras and generally do not feel good about myself and this time I need to get myself sorted.:cry:
This site sounds so good and helpful and when I quit smoking I was on a similar site to this and it was my life saver when I wanted a cigarette and was about to tear my hair out. People say if you can quit smoking how come you can't control your weight but I think quitting smoking was easier.
Also in Sept 2007 had open heart surgery for a hole in the heart I had apparently had for years and last year had to see my 16 year old go through same operation at GOSH as she had a hole in her heart. I think I have just been comfort eating for the last 3 years and now it is time for some action on the weight front.
I want to lose at least 3 stone and because I was depressed about my weight and myself generally and had tried other diets the doctor agreed for me to try the blue tabs so here goes
Well good luck to all of you and I will try and post on here as much as I can to get the lovely support you all seem to give.
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Hi Hon

Yeah it might be that you need to eat a little more fat to get the best out of the tablets, as obviously they only work by lowering your calorie count if they can stop the fat being absorbed. 1700 cals is not a bad amount to be eating as most nutritionists say that the old thinking of low calorie diets of 1500 or less aren't actually good for you.
if you go onto weight loss resources website you can do a trial 24 thing where you can find out exactly how many calories would be right for you as it changes for age height weight activity level etc.

You have had a lot to deal with so it is not surprising that you have use things to help you get through it, the thing to keep in mind is that you don't ahve to do that any more.


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Hello, and welcome :)
First of all, don't worry about not having enough fat...Xenical eliminates a third of the fat in each meal that you eat, regardless of whether that meal contains a lot, or a little fat.
Obviously, the more fat you eat in each meal, the more Xenical will eliminate, but don't forget that the other two thirds is still being absorbed by your body...
It seems a bit counter-productive to eat more fat, just to give the Xenical something to do, because by doing that, you're also giving your body an increased amount of fat to deal with.

So, I'd say as long as you're sticking within the 5g per 100g rule, and that you have no more than 15g per meal, don't think about it too much. Xenical will do its job, and you'll see the results on the scales.

As far as calories are concerned, it all depends on your current weight/height, age and level of activity. MyFitnessPal.com is a good, free website that will work out the amount of calories you need each day, in order to lose weight.
I try to stick at around the 1500 mark, but I expect it's nearer 1700 because I don't count milk, and I guesstimate a lot, rather than weighing and measuring. It seems to be working for me at the moment, but I know I can get strict with myself if things slow down.

Last of all, I just wanted to say good luck with your goals...as Jacqui says, it sounds like you've had a LOT to deal with recently, and it's easy to put food/exercise in second place when you've got so much going on.
You're in the right place now though - you've got the Xenical to help you along, and the support you'll get here is amazing.
Keep posting, and if you've got any more questions, just ask :)
Hi there, you sound like me! I also gave up smoking (3 years ago in January past) and piled on the pounds although I was never a skinny anyway. I also used a website then for support and found it great which is why I set out to find a website for weight loss too. It's great here and everyone is really supportive and while I'm on here I'm not eating!
As Alex says you do NOT need to eat more fat just so the Xenical can work, this is pure myth, the lower the fat the better no matter what and remember, this is for life and you won't be on Xenical for ever so getting used to low fat now is a good idea so when the Xenical is taken away (when we're all at goal of course) we won't have to worry about it.
As Alex also said (damn, she's good, I hate it when she gets in before me :D)My Fitness Pal is a great website for working out how many calories you need for your height and weight. I don't follow it religiously but just dip in and out as the notion takes me to keep an occasional check on what I'm eating. It's good to have a kind of framework of what you should be doing and then you can work within it whatever way suits you.
Once you've been on the tablets for a while it will almost become second nature and you won't have to think too much about what you are doing. Good luck,

KB x
Thanks all for your comments it really does help. I probably use to eat low fat things anyway i.e. mullerlights, fruit, low fat spread, skimmed milk etc but now on the tablets it is making me not eat, cakes, biscuits, chocolate etc which is what we should not eat anyway if we want to be healthy. I have just been shopping and had to get some salad dressing that was below the 5g mark as even ordinary Heinz salad cream light 18.6 g per 100g which I never realised and I used to put that a lot on salads so like you say it is getting the mind set right. Weekends are normally bad for me so I have stocked up on fruit and low cal snacks and must drink more water and less tea!!!! Today so far I have just had 2 weetabix with skimmed milk and 3 cups of tea but have been flying about a bit. Now going to have some lunch of soup and a couple of slices wholemeal bread as it feels like winter here by the coast. Hope you all have a good weekend and will catch you later and thanks again for really good advice xxx:)
PS Kitty what smoking web site did you use as I was on stay quit and it was fantastic x
Ooohhh can't remember the name of it, it was an American site, was really good and I couldn't have managed without it.
I find the weekend very difficult too, I usually go to M&S and buy some of their low fat meals or snacks and then I feel like I've had a treat. Have a good weekend!,

KB x
Well I have just taken last tablet for week so have been on xenical a whole week. Not going to weigh until Thursday morning but whatever my scales say I will go by nurses ones where I was weighed when I started with is on 20th May.

My mother and father in law are taking a few of us out for dinner Friday night and I am worried about what to eat and have looked at restaurant menu and will go for gammon and potatoes and salad. It is the deserts that bother me so any help would be great. Pavlova sounds lovely and I know the strawberries and meringue are fine but its got cream on it and I think I might just leave the cream as I am not a great lover of it and I can just give it to hubby to eat. I will ask everyone here on new topic what they think.

I feel thinner funnily enough but toilet department not changed in the least but then I am being careful so I guess you reap what you sow.

Just wanted to add entry as one week up and will update diary as I go on. Thanks guys for all your help and advice - much appreciated as I keep saying but I mean it - Sue x
Lean meat and salad is always a good one to have if you go out for a meal, or a baked potato depending where you are. Desserts are always difficult, as you say pavlova without the cream sounds ideal, meringue is so low in fat, the fruit would be fine too. Fresh fruit salad would be great if it was available. Or go for starter and main and skip dessert.
Thanks for this and I will be good, normally I would have chips but they are a definite no no - will wait and see what is exactly on menu - Sue x
Well another day done and still feeling good but still a bit low on fat althought yesterday's was 29 for day. Going to have a weigh in myself in the morning as I weighed myself last week and then will not weigh anymore until 20th when I am weighed by nurse and I will have been on tablets for over 2 weeks. Still no side effects and eating well and well within calories and I do feel thinner but then I think you do after you have spent quite a while stuffing yourself as you feel just nice and full after a meal and not bloated. I have ww meals for tea with vegetables that you get in a bag and microwave which is fantastic especially as I work from 8 - 5 and quite hungry when I get home and I follow this with fruit, low fat jelly covered in mullerlight absolutely lovely mmmmmmmmmmm. Well now going to have shower and put my feet up - hope everyone is well and being good - Sue x
Hi hun, was just having a read through your diary and sound like your doing great!! I've been on the tabs 8 days now and can deff feel a difference altough i'm trying to resist the scales till my docs appointment...which is proving to be harder by the day, hehe!!
Good luck for your weigh day!! xx

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