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new and need advice ! x


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hello im new to this forum my name is jassmin after having two children i have piled on the pounds and let myself go

it is making me so unhappy i went shopping yesterday and could get a pair of size 18 trousers past my thighs so after crying in the middle of a shop i have decided to get my bdy back and find myself again...

i used to be a size 12- 14 and weighed ten stone i am now nearly 15 stone and a size 18- 20 , it is affecting my marrige and my job so i need to change

i am going to have

special k for breakfast

banana mid morning

tuna pasta 200 cals potion at lunch

more fruit then

chicken with salad or fish and beans for dinner

i do three hours of horse riding a day four days a week and am going to walk for mins a day with my girls

i am a horse riding instructor :eek: so really need to lose this weight

i hope to lose a stone a month ish is this a good way of going about it
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welcome to the site and good luck with your diet. You sound really positive and i'm sure you'll get lots of support on here xx
Hi Jasmin, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have got determination, that is the most important starting point, I'm sure you'll get rid of those unwanted pounds.

A stone a month is ambitious for any diet other than a vlcd meal repacement type (like Cambridge or LL). You may well achieve this loss in the first month with other diets as losses are always highest at the beginning. I'd say try the healthy eating and exercise route by all means, but don't expect to lose more than half a stone a month. If you are keen to lose faster then go for a vlcd, that way you know you are getting all the nutrients. And whatever you use do make sure you drink loads of water.
I hope it all works out for you.

I do know from personally experience doing a low calorie diet is very difficult if you eat high quantities of Carbs as they made me feel more hungrier after I ate them.


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hello there thanks i am finding that too, my problem is ive lived on such a rubbish limited diet of rubbish like pizzas chips etc i am struggling to find new food ideas !

i am so hungrey now i am going to have scrambled egg on toast ( more carbs :rolleyes: ) lol


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Hi Jazz!
my diet previously was limited to junk I could grab out of the freezer and stick in the oven, so was all pizza, chips, kievs, chicken fillets (meaning the ones with the yummy fatty coatings!) and ready meals etc.. so I know where you're coming from!!

have you thought about doing something a bit more structured to take the decision making pressure off?? either a VLCD as mentioned above, like cambridge or lighterlife, or a "normal" diet like WW/SW? I've just come off cambridge, I used that to lose 2.5 stone, which was really good, the weight came off really quick so you don't get bored, and while you're doing sole source you don't even have to think about what foods you can and can't have, you just can't have!!!

I'm now following a GI plan through UKdietclub (you can do it through tesco ediets or prima diet club..). I can't tell you how successful it is cos I've only done a day, but mum's been on a similar one for a few weeks and loses 2lb a week. you get a really detailed menu for the week so again, decision making has been taken away, there's loads of variety in the menu, and they make a shopping list for you as well! all the recipes are written for one, although can easily be multiplied up when cooking for a family. there's loads of different plans as well so you can choose the one that suits you best.
Hi Jassmine,i'm new to this too,i've only just joined.
I have felt like you have sooooooooo many times and it knocks your confidence to look in the mirror and not like what you see. I used to be a size 16-18 at 16yrs! I found walking really helped me,i'm currently 11stone and i'm hoping to lose about another stone and a half. I'm slowely losing the weight and i'm finding just doing little changes to my diet is working wonders like replacing biscuits,crisps etc for a piece of fruit. I'm doing a low-fat diet and in the last 2weeks have lost 7lbs which is good for me b/c i usually eat unhealthily and pile it on instead.
I think the more you lose week by week the more you feel good about yourself and want to continue to reach your goal,all you need is motivation :)

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